Tell me a story

There is nothing like a good story. The anticipation as the story goes on, the suspense at every pause, the use of one’s imagination to create a mental scene, and the “Wow Factor” at the end. With every good, sorry, great story you experience high levels of emotion: sadness, happiness, joy, and let’s not forget that “I wish I was there” feeling. A great story has to move you, touch you, or involve you.

Storytelling has become important especially on the big screen. Gone are the days when you would stare blankly at the screen and be entertained by never-seen-before action scenes. The ’90s are behind us and our action junkie heroes and heroines have become items we put in a box and store in the attic. Two hours out of a day are valuable, and 24 collective minutes of comedy or all-out action out of two hours, is not worth it. Tell me more, show me more and involve me more. Tell me a story!

We all have that one friend who can tell a story. We get excited when they say “Did you hear..” or “Let me tell you..“. Even though it sounds like gossip, you know for sure the next couple of minutes will be entertaining. Children enjoy stories, grandparents like telling stories because there is nothing like a good story.

A great movie must be a combination of many aspects but if the story is weak, the movie will quickly wash away. There are movies where the cast is star-studded, but the story is average. You were sold by the cast, not the synposis. Research is necessary, and that’s why we have reviews. Other movies have a fairly unknown cast but a captivating story. Reviews are important here too. This time of the year will see great stories being told in cinemas.

Every year there are a lot of stories being produced. Some pry on their entertainment ability which makes you forget that two hours have gone by. Unfortunately at the end of the movie, you do not know what happened. These movies are great for pure entertainment and no concentration. Then there are those stories that have you tuned in from the opening scene to the credits. Stories that make your eyes water, that leave you laughing and joyful or stories that move you.


This is the time of the year for epic stories. Movie-makers are looking towards the awards season and the grand finale, The Oscars. You have been entertained by high-budgeted movies with aggressive marketing campaigns. Now, it’s time for the storytellers to tell you a great story.

Picture yourself in nursery school and the teacher says with excitement, “Come children, it’s story time“. You run to get a good spot near the teacher with more excitement than her. Yes, it is your “most favouritest time of the day“. The excited child is whom you should be like. Movies have called for story time.

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I’m a massive fan of movies, and occasionally I write about the movies I have watched and about the industry. Hopefully I provide insight and shed light into Hollywood. I am happy to have discussions about movies as they are extremely important to our society. 2hrs of our lives cannot be wasted by really poor movies.