Mother’s Day Tribute – 3 of our Favourite Film Moms

Moms are awesome! Last year I did a piece for Father’s Day, and so this year we’re doing it for moms all over the world. So without further ado, here’s my list of the top 3 most awesome moms in film.

Helen Parr from The Incredibles

A.K.A Elastigirl

She is literally the most super mom in film that I know of. The amazing thing about her is that she was not only a super heroine to society when she was younger, but is the greatest heroine to her family. As if to mimic her superpower, she holds on to each of her family members, and is effectively the glue that keeps her family together despite the challenges they face in being “different”.

She’s faced many personal challenges, the biggest one being leaving her dream of being a super heroine behind to become a full time housewife- however, she was able to step up to the challenge when her family (and the world) was in danger.

Molly Weasley from Harry Potter

Molly Weasley

She is a busy, neurotic, often flustered woman who is always able to manage a smile. She’s mother to like a million Weasley’s, and a Potter (as my buddy Dean aptly puts it).

The Weasley family does not have it easy, living just above the poverty line but it’s because of her homely nature that The Burrow is always a place to call home for anyone who visits.

She loves her family fiercely, and extends that love to Ron’s friends as well.

 Leigh Anne Tuohy from The Blind Side


This character definitely takes the number one spot for moms in film! She is absolutely perfect. The way she’s able to be a mother to a child in need who she doesn’t even know brought tears to the eyes of audiences all over the world.

The remarkable thing about this character is that she is based on a real woman; a real mother. The real life Leigh Anne Tuohy  has received an Honorary degree from Christian Brothers University for her commitment to the less fortunate and her ongoing quest to recruit others to make a difference in their own communities.

She was portrayed extraordinarily well in the film by Sandra Bullock who actually won an Oscar for the part.

She is by far my favourite film mom of all time.

I hope you are all spoiling your moms this weekend (biological moms and those who are like a mom to you). And if your mom is not with you anymore, I hope you’re living awesome the way she would want you to.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!

About the Author: Stephen is totally a momma’s boy, and super proud of it.


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