First stills from Batman

Roughly an hour ago, Zack Snyder released the first still image of Ben Affleck as Batman, in the sequel to Man of Steel, currently entitled ‘Batman vs. Superman‘. You can see the image he posted below.

Batman Still Tweet
Hooray for Leica!

And to me, the suit looks very familiar. Almost like a black version of a different suit I’d seen somewhere else, but just can’t quite put my finger on it…

This image has absolutely nothing to do with this article.

Moving on.

The only other image from the set was posted yesterday, and includes a partially concealed Bat Mobile. This baby looks damn fine! Can’t wait to see the beast unleashed (So far it has appeared in both images, so hopefully more to come).


I haven’t been looking forward to this movie too much because of casting choices, but because it’s BATMAN I will give it a watch when it’s out, and in the meantime- I guess there’s nothing better to do than follow the hype.

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