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The Perks of Being a Wallflower – 5 Life Lessons

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is probably one of my favourite movies, ever. It’s got a beautifully dramatic mix of relationships, introspection and offbeat humour. I’ve definitely learnt a ton about love and life since watching it. Here’s 5 life lessons from the film that really stuck with me.

#1 Meeting new people is easy

After building huge anxiety around the fact that he has not yet made any friends at school, Charlie decides to reach out to Patrick during a football match. He literally just says “Hey, Patrick”, and the rest is history!

The Perks of Being A wallflower Slut and The Falcon
“Slut and The Falcon”

We often grant needless weight to trivial aspects, concepts and decisions that come into play in our lives on a daily basis. Keep it simple, and life will be simple. Kapish.

“Do you ever think, that if people knew how crazy you really were that no one would ever talk to you?”

#2 Be honest in your relationship

Many people stay in relationships long after the last wisps of smoke from the flame that once burnt ferociously dissipates into the nothing of the air that surrounds.

How about growing a pair, biting the bullet and just doing it! But, maybe not like this…

“We accept the love we think we deserve”

#3 Don’t pick fights with scrawny guys

You can never know that the guy you are beating up might have Percy Jackson: demigod – or just a scrawny, mentally unstable boy who will knock the shit out of you – as a best friend.

So be a bit street smart, do your homework first before you go beating people up. Actually, violence is probably not the answer in the first place.

“Touch my friends again and I’ll blind you”

#4 The friendzone isn’t so bad

Well at least in the universe of this movie. He gets the girl at the end of the day, and they all live happily ever after- far away from each other, unfortunately.

Let's go be psychos together

I actually think this movie romanticizes the friendzone a bit by creating that happy ending. Most people in the zone won’t get out of it in a year- or ever. Sorry guys.

“You can’t just sit there and put everybody’s lives ahead of yours and think it counts as love.”

#5 Introverts are awesome

Introverts are interesting creatures. If friendship were a fire, lets just say they’ve got tons of fuel, but just no spark. So next time you see someone just hanging out, start a conversation with them, you never know how awesome they might just be.


“Welcome to the island of misfit toys”


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