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The Art of Gift-Giving – Part 1


Gentlemen! Gift-giving is not as pain-stakingly difficult as you would believe. But if you’re clueless, here’s a Be That Guide (see what I did there?) to getting her that perfect gift. You’re welcome.

I have many guy friends. I use the word “friends” loosely. No, not like that. In the sense that I don’t see these friends often, we don’t hang out every weekend, we’re not the first people we call when something happens. We don’t know each other’s deepest, darkest secrets. We chat occasionally.

Some things that come up often are “dates” and “gifts”. And it’s not as difficult as you think, I promise. No, wait, I don’t promise. I would, hereby, like to officially withdraw my promise. He/she may have everything that you can afford with your paper cash money, but use at least 1% out of that 10% of your brain you currently use to be a little more creative.

My first date with my boyfriend was kind of blind. We didn’t have (known) mutual friends. We met through a work-related email, which lead to a work-related phone call, which somehow lead to a non-work-related SMS and we went on a date a month later.

And no, we didn’t work together either. There’s only so much we knew about each other before that date, but I got a gift. Whaaat?! Word. On my first date. And I LOVED it. BOOM!

How do you be more creative/smarter, you ask? Simply, pay attention and really listen. No-one deserves someone who doesn’t want to listen and pay her/him some attention.

But what do you meeeaaaan listen more and pay attention? There are clues all around. I don’t just mean on Facebook and Twitter and her awesome blog. Also, I get that there is a “what to get girls” template that includes flowers and chocolate, which is lovely, but anyone can do that and it’s time to throw that template away.

The only way that flowers and chocolate becomes truly amazing and mind-blowingly awesome is if you know exactly what her favourite type/colour of flowers and chocolates are without having to ask her directly.

I’m not saying don’t do it, she deserves it, so you should, but for the times when you want to really rock her socks off or for special occasions, you need to make a little more effort.

Another reason that template doesn’t work is that all girls/woman are not the same. Sorry. Some like romantic gestures like rose petals everywhere with home-cooked meals and candles, and some have plant allergies, are vegan and follow a gluten-free diet and have an intense fear of burning to death and would prefer a sunset hike and pizza. So…scratch it. Lose those dumb ass templates.

Listening is easy. You like her, she is talking to you, listen to her. “Omg, I hate red. It’s like the worst colour ever.” So never buy her a red anything. “Isn’t KitKat Dark just the best?” You may not think so, but now you know that she does. And don’t be too over-analytical. I know the KitKat wrapper is red, but she said she likes it.

You could take a hint from Pete in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton (stop judging me, I was younger.)

How does that translate into a gift? Write it down. Simple and sweet. We like to know how you feel. Hahaha. And whatever, you feel, you just won’t say what you feel, because you’re silly. If you notice something about her that makes you smile, tell her.

To be continued…

About the author: Elana Bailey is a blogger, professional music video watcher and RUBYROYAL. This is part 1 of her Be That Guide for Gift Giving. Apparently it’s so simple. 

Elana Bailey

Elana Bailey

Elana Bailey is a very talented writer and professional music video watcher. She also knows karate, Jujitsu and she drives like a gangsta when she’s coming to see you.


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