Gravity Trailer (2013)


So there’s a new really big movie that just hit U.S cinemas this weekend. It’s weird because while most people have been busy following news in the superhero movie realm, or relentlessly following the finales and premiers of their favourite TV series, this beyond epic film kind of just sneaked into cinemas.

I had seen the teaser trailer a while back and found it quite interesting, but the initial teaser seemed almost (I’m guessing unintentionally) comedic, mostly because of the way Bullock whispers at the end of it which had the audience in the movie I was at break into a slight giggle.

Anyway, I was still looking forward to this one when I found out not long after that it’s directed by the director of Children of Men, Alfonso Cuaron. Expect raw emotion and cinematography, as well as audio that will mess with your ears.

After checking some spoiler-free reviews and viewing the full trailer recently, I’m definitely booking my ticket to see this one in 3D. The film hits most international theaters, including South Africa on October 18th. Enjoy the vivid Gravity trailer below. Cranking up the sound, and watching it in full 1080p HD is advised.


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