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Eliptifilms by BTG Lifestyle – Ante Up

Ante Up is the second short film in our eliptifilm series and chronicles an intense game of Texas Hold ‘em poker between three serious dudes.

Without going into too much detail, our eliptifilms portray moments that are spliced together and centre more on the visuals and aural elements.

For the poker addicts among us, I’m sure you will enjoy this one. However, we made this one from a filmmaking perspective, focusing more on the aesthetics and editing, so non-poker players should be able to enjoy this one too.

A shout out to the actors – Jason Van Rooy, Vernon Jacobs and Stefan Benjamin. Special thanks to Sumo Jac for letting us use his track “Forty Winks” which we think complements the film quite nicely.

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About the author: Dean Ravell is co-founder of BTG Lifestyle. He is an aspiring filmmaker with expertise in screenwriting and also loves the game of poker.

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