TV Shows that should’ve ended way before they did

Entering an age of television when less automatically becomes more. Shorter seasons has led to astronomical viewership numbers for shows such as Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and The Defenders. Audiences are becoming aware that with less episodes packed into a season, less filler episodes are there to waste your time.

BUT… Like a visitor that outstayed their welcome that decided to have that last drink even though you’re basically making eyes with the door so that they’ll take the hint. These are the shows that I think should’ve ended way before they did.


Why it should’ve ended sooner:

Okay, I’m letting the abysmal ending this show gave us slide simply because it never should have gotten to that point. Smallville ran out of steam around season 7 and 8. Throwing a watered down Doomsday and hookah smoke cloud Darkseid reeks of a show struggling to stay afloat. Not to mention the campy and cheesy title intro change.

No. of seasons: 10
When it should’ve ended: 6


Why it should’ve ended sooner:

The first season of Kring’s heroes TV series was possibly the greatest culmination of hyping you up to let you down. With fascinating characters surrounded in mystery, audiences couldn’t get enough of the cheerleader that’s going to save the world. Two seasons later with a declining viewership even the cheerleader couldn’t save the bizarre storytelling and twists and turns that was just unnecessary.

No of seasons: 4
When it should’ve ended: 2


Why it should’ve ended sooner:

The CW has the ability to pummel you with a show till you can’t stand to watch yourself get beaten up every week by the same formula seen in all its other shows. It’s a winning formula that loses out every time.

No. of Seasons: 7 (and on-going)
When it should’ve ended: With the death of deathstroke.


Why it should’ve ended sooner:

Lost was a show created at the right time with the right cast, with the right temperament. Any sooner and the show would’ve tanked harder than Mother! at the box office. David Lindelof and Fox Studios realised this and milked every mystery filled second until the “what the fucks” became “what the actual fuck am I watching”. The only aspect that kept this show alive was the trying to figure out what happened to the poor dog.

No. of Seasons: 5
When it should’ve ended: 3


Why it should’ve ended sooner:

The Winchester bro’s adventures all through America on family business was what the show was about. The first five season’s was the pinnacle of supernatural television. An intriguing story scaring the holy water out of you. The show seemed to wrap itself up by the end of season 5 in a conclusion that wouldn’t have ruffled the feathers. 10 Seasons later and we have a repeated formula on its last legs. Killing off old characters to up the shock value is all what’s left.

No. of Seasons: 15+
When it should’ve ended: 5 (the best 5 seasons in a supernatural genre you are ever to get)

One Tree Hill

Why it should’ve ended sooner:

Not to exclude the angst to my list, One Tree Hill was the CW’s answer to the OC. A new-ish look with a bit more attitude. It worked. Compelling characters and a bad guy you actually really hated. The show should’ve ended when the 2 leads left. Chad Michael Murray for all his funny choice of hairstyles was always going to be a hard character to replace and Hillary Burton is just irreplaceable.

No. of Seasons: 8
When it should’ve ended: 4

Pretty Little Liars

Why it should’ve ended sooner:

Based on the novel of the same name, how this show managed to keep its audience is beyond me. The reveal of A should’ve come a lot sooner as to avoid people turning to the books for an answer instead the show decided to draw it out and put delicately attractive humans in front of us to keep us engaged with meaningless plot points.

No. of Seasons: Too Many
When it should’ve ended: 2

Vampire Diaries

Why it should’ve ended sooner:

The best part about this show was the way it cleansed the pallet of the glowy vampires in that other vampire stuff. Putting the same formula to use as Pretty Little Liars and Supernatural by beating our eyes with gorgeous looking humans saving us from a season defying big bad just lost its appeal.

No. of Seasons: 8
When it should’ve ended: After the debut of the Originals.

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