Top 6 Holiday Movies

With the holidays now in full swing, we at BTG Lifestyle thought it’s about that time we pull out a list. Our list of the best holiday films.

1. Die Hard

Nothing says Christmas like a cop taking on a building of terrorists AND Prof. Snape. Bruce Willis is at his absolute best as John McClane, a New York City cop visiting his wife in LA in an effort to save their marriage. And save the day. Yippi-ki-yay.


2. Love Actually

One of the better all star cast films I’ve seen. And maybe it’s because it’s British. Nevertheless, this romantic comedy with intertwining stories is one of the more heartfelt and genuinely funny films that centres around love in the festive season period.


3. Home Alone

Sometimes spending all that time with family over the festive season can be a bit much. Let’s be honest. But no one wants to be alone at home. Especially when there are prowling robbers wanting to capitalise on empty houses. But this film will always be a firm holiday favourite because of how one kid completely owns 2 robbers in comical fashion.


4. Go

What’s more festive than trips to Las Vegas, sex romps, raves, and drug deals? Well, literally anything else. But Go’s unconventional method of storytelling and it’s humorous style makes it a film to enjoy. Even if it isn’t the most family friendly movie.


5. Lethal Weapon

I don’t care how old you are, you are NEVER too old for this shit. In this first installment of the franchise, suicidal Riggs and birthday boy Murtaugh team up for the first time and take Christmas to a whole new action-packed level. It’s classic 80’s buddy cop written by Shane Black and has plenty of electric guitar riffs.


6. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Shane Black must really enjoy the festive season because this dark comedy is also set around Christmas time and involves a murder mystery plot, tons of violence, a lot of swearing but even more humorous dialogue. It stars and is narrated by Robert Downey Jr. so what do you expect?


About the author: Dean would like apologise for anyone thinking this list would contain wholesome family movies about Santa Claus and stuff. But hey, Home Alone! That’s something.

Dean Ravell

Aspiring writer/director. Fascinated with all kinds of film and just wants to be part of the wonderful world of cinema. #AlmostFamous


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