Day Zero: A Short Film – Update #1

Hey look, I’m doing something crazy again! I really hope that I’m able to make the time to continually update you all on how things are progressing in future. A few months ago I put the call out for collaborators on my latest short film project, Day Zero. I’d like to bitch about how many people missed the point of this collaboration when approached – yes, this is always floating in the back of my mind as the major reason that independent art in South Africa is so underdeveloped.

I DIGRESS. I prefer to focus on the people who did step up and forward and got involved, and how we’re progressing so far. My amazing cast and crew. The short answer? We’re doing AMAZINGLY WELL. Less than a couple of weeks ago we filmed over a weekend at 2 locations in Cape Town. We’re now gearing up for our last 2 days of shooting before we wrap things up.¬†The fact is that this project is a train, and it will move forward.

Behind The Scenes

While I will be posting updates on the progress of the film here, the best place to follow all updates will be on social media. I’ve create a Twitter, Facebook & Instagram page where I’ll post as often as I possibly can. Check out the links below, but here are some behind the scenes from our second day of shooting

Day Zero Film on Twitter

Day Zero Film on Facebook

Day Zero Film on Instagram

The Timeline?

Well, there’s a lot that still needs to be done. The script has a montage in the introduction credits, with a voice over by our main character. This requires additional footage, and while we’ve already planned some of it, we haven’t really gotten into the details of all of it.. yet.

But we’ll get there. The film also requires a lot of foley work; something that we discovered through discussions in the development phase. This will take time; and we’ve also got an amazing artist signed on to create an original score! I’m really excited about this part but good work takes time.

Then there’s the glorious colour correction and grading. While I’ve already started testing on this part of the process, it’s pretty time consuming. I have made a promise to myself to wrap the post-production on this project as quickly as I can (while producing the best version of the film possible).

Our last project sat in post-production hell for a couple of years, and that was a much smaller one. I’ve learnt from those mistakes and won’t repeat them. Basically what I’m saying is that I don’t have a set timeline right now, but I will work to complete the film as quickly as possible, while still producing the best possible version of the product. Once we have all our footage I’ll be able to provide a better estimate of when it will be done in a future update.

TL; DR: Not millions of years. Not VERY soon after we shoot either.

A Sneak Peak

Recently I posted some shots from the first couple of days of principal photography. Check them out here!

I hope you enjoyed this brief update on our new project for Day Zero. Expect more updates from me over the coming weeks and months as the project evolves and progresses. A huge thank you to every single person involved in this project. I love my cast and crew to bits! You guys are amazing and when we’re working together it just feels right!

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