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Pitch Perfect 3 – A Spoiler-Free Review

It’s officially the third and final installment of the source of my happiness.

So much for a movie about acapella; we now have instruments. I surprisingly enjoyed the introduction of bands and true acapella fans would disagree (although I am, I watch copious amounts of Stellenbosch University acapella on YouTube), but this particular riff-off was my favourite of the three Pitch Perfect movies.

Pitch Perfect itself however wasn’t my favourite of the three but I didn’t expect it to be and it was never going to be. I get severe sequel fatigue. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that I’ve probably watched the first movie fifty times and that that damn flashlight song at the end of the second movie gets me tearing up every. single. time. They’re difficult to beat.

I thought the crime element in Pitch Perfect was fun because it didn’t take up too much time. It’s not like The Fast and the Furious where they’re killing people and you have to wonder: what happened to the drag racing?

Things that weren’t great:

There were two potential romance storylines in Pitch Perfect that fell flat without any explanation, which seemed a bit disjointed but I didn’t mind that nothing came of it.

I’m really tired of the Fat Amy trope. ‘Fat Amy Winehouse’ was fine, but saying her name would be ‘Obesity’ if she were part of Ruby Rose’s band, was just unnecessary.

The finale song was meh because I prefer medleys and I didn’t appreciate the inclusion of R. Kelly’s Ignition remix. It may be the best song in the world but we really shouldn’t support him as a human being; especially in Pitch Perfect; a movie about women by a female director, that’s mainly for women.

Things that were great:

Their performance of Britney Spear’s ‘Toxic’ was perfection and I’m so grateful for it. I enjoyed the song choices for the movie (except for the ones mentioned above) and the arrangements for ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’, ‘Cheap Thrills’ and ‘Cake by the Ocean’ are worthy of listening to constantly on the soundtrack.

Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins were classic as always, and the additions of John Lithgow and especially DJ Khaled, were fantastic.

My favourite part of Pitch Perfect is that I could believe that the Bellas are actually good friends in real life. Their chemistry and banter is really good and they support each other in a very admirable way.

If you’ve missed Pitch Perfect in the cinema, it’s ok, you’ll be ok. But I would buy the DVD.


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