Watch the creepy new trailer for THE NUN II

Hey there, horror movie enthusiasts! Brace yourselves because the bone-chilling first teaser trailer for The Nun 2 has just dropped, and guess who’s back? It’s none other than the horrifying demon nun, Valak, from The Conjuring series!

In this terrifying sequel, we get to catch up with Sister Irene, played by the talented Taissa Farmiga. After the traumatic events of the first movie, she now resides in a convent nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Italy. But hold on tight, folks, because Valak is hot on her heels!

Our brave protagonist finds herself embarking on a hair-raising journey to France. Why, you ask? Well, it turns out a priest has been brutally murdered, and an insidious evil force is rapidly spreading its darkness. And guess who gets caught up in this sinister web? You guessed it—Sister Irene!

As the teaser tantalizingly reveals, it seems Irene might just be the only hope in putting a stop to this malevolence. Can she muster the courage to face her worst fears and vanquish the evil that lurks in the shadows? We’ll have to wait and see!

We’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of The Nun 2 trailer, and the wait is finally over. After being teased with a thrilling 15-second preview of Valak’s spine-chilling return last night, the full trailer has landed today, July 6th. Prepare to be spooked, my friends!

the nun 2 poster

New Line Cinema brings the horror thriller The Nun II, the next chapter – set in 1956 in France, with the demon nun Valek back again. Taissa Farmiga returns as Sister Irene, joined by Jonas BloquetStorm ReidAnna Popplewell, and Bonnie Aarons (reprising her role from The Nun). Featuring a new scored by composer Marco Beltrami (2022’s ScreamVenom: Let There Be Carnage). More freaky nun horror to keep everyone away from churches. You send that thing back to Hell! Or else… it’ll come for us all.

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