We’re doing VIDEOS now! – Mindhunter Review

Guys! As many of you may know, our site went down recently. Not being able to bring you our take on films we’ve watched, trailers and more has been excruciating! We really missed it.I want to say thanks to all those of you who offered us support, whether it was a kind word, or thsoe who actually helped us get things back up and running. We appreciate you.

But now we’re back (hopefully for good!), and we’ve got something brand new to bring you! Yes, we’ve started doing video reviews. Our first Video review is for Mindhunter, which you can see below. Also, this review is spoiler-FREE so do not fret!

We’re working to bring you guys more and more video reviews like these as often as we can. Thanks to Mlu for joining us on this new adventure as our video editor.

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