The Post, Early Man & More Trailers this Week

Guess what? We got your trailers every week! Enjoy!

The Post

This is the latest from Steven Spielberg, and stars Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. This one is about the battel between the free press and the government, based on true events. It is so relevant considering how the press is treated in today’s world, and this film just has Oscar written all over it.

Early Man

A new stop motion film from the creators of Chicken Run? Count me in, fam.


Michael Shannon once again showing his range as he plays a man who gets embroiled in a Bigfoot conspiracy. Just watch the trailer, okay?


The Shape of Water Trailer #2

I’m gonna advise that you just stay away from this trailer altogether. Just go and watch the film. The reviews have been great so far, and it just feels like they are giving away way too much with each trailer. Shame on you, marketing department! Also, look, Michael Shannon again!

Game Night

I loved seeing Jason Bateman in Ozark, but I also love that he’s moving back to some comedy; and Rachel McAdams is pretty damn awesome in this trailer for Game Night. Overall the cast looks great and this looks like it’s gonna be one weird, crazy, wacky adventure!


This original series from Netflix is in German (which I don’t think I’ve seen on Netflix, at least on promoted on a mainstream level like this). It kinda feels like a darker version of Stranger Things, even looking at some of the imagery. No idea what this is about, but it looks… Wait for it… Dark!


Uhm.. I remember a time where I didn’t take Jeremy Renner seriously, but Hollywood kept inserting him into everything and kind of creating roles for him. I feel like that’s what they’re doing for Dominic Cooper now. Odd thing is, Renner actually surprised me (in a good way) with Wind River. Yeah.. go figure.

The Pirates of Somalia

I am exceptionally happy that Hollywood is casting Barkhad Abdi in things. It was great seeing him in Blade Runner 2049, as well as Good Time; even though these roles were small. And even though he’s not the lead in this film, he’s one of the top billed. When it comes to stories like these though, I am always skeptical of how it will be framed and told. The trailer doesn’t look terrible, but there doesn’t seem to be that much budget in it. We’ll have to see how it goes, but I am approaching this with an open mind.




Man’s gotta eat…

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