Weekend Binge Watch: Master of None Season 2

What I think happened with this season of Master of None is that Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang decided “f*ck it, we’re going to pitch our creative vision and they’re either going to love it or hate it” and they loved it. It seems as if Aziz and Alan were just trying to play around and make a good show and veered off completely from any expectations.

Here’s what I mean:

The first episode was filmed in Italy and is completely black and white and beautiful.

The structure of the show is non-conformist and each episode is different. In my favourite episode (six) there’s an entire section that’s completely silent with subtitles because it’s from the vantage point of a woman who’s deaf and uses sign language to communicate.

Even the length of episodes differ and range from about 21 minutes to 57.

There are such incredible guest stars that I can imagine Aziz and Alan freaking out after getting off of the phone calls where the likes of John Legend, Angela Bassett and Cedric the Entertainer agreed to appear on Master of None.

But my highlight will still be Aziz’s real-life-parents who play his parents on the show. His dad clearly loves his new job and has taken to his role so well. Aziz’s mom delivers her lines and goes.

A lot of the new season features food and wine and they even mention Diane Lane’s adventures in Tuscany and Paris which we’ve also discussed here.

The show addresses race, religion and homosexuality but also just chronicles dating in 2017, especially via apps and the awkward world of first dates.

On a serious note I should point out that Aziz eats pork and drinks alcohol in the show and if that bothers you, you should skip the Religion episode completely.

I cringed watching it, knowing it would offend a lot of people. The point Aziz was trying to make was that he’s 33 and can make his own decisions but I don’t know that having a scene at an outdoor pork eating festival was the best way to go about it.

Overall I highly recommend Master of None, especially if you’re a girl, in a couple or a guy trying to be in a couple. The show is too romantic for a single grown man to watch alone; just too much Italian music and adorable trips to museums.

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Jeslyn is a perpetual sloth, but more importantly, a chocolate and wine aficionado. She likes to write sometimes, read most of the time and watch TV all of the time.