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When the trailer for Wonder Woman first came out, I wrote a piece on why I needed the movie to be as good as what the trailer promises after the massive disappointments that were Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. And in the lead up to the film’s release the reviews were looking very good, which gave me some hope, although I still entered the cinema slightly cautious in case the reviews turned out to be false. Luckily, they didn’t. Wonder Woman is the amazing movie everyone is proclaiming it to be, and I couldn’t be more overjoyed.

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The film tells the origin of Wonder Woman as Diana, shortly after the events of Batman vs Superman, remembers her past and what lead her to join the world of men. The first half of the movie – where we see Diana grow up and learn to fight on The Amazon island of Themyscira is a visual treat and an absolute joy to watch.

We get an insight into the place were Diana was raised, and the women that shaped her into the person she is.  And what a group of women it is – shortly after Diana rescues Steve, we see the Amazons in battle against the Germans who have found the island after following Steve, and watching a group of female warriors ride into a fight, and women take on and kick men’s asses was honestly so empowering. In fact, it’s worth watching the movie just to see Robyn Wright as General Antiope, who is one of the highlights of the film.

That’s the thing about this movie – not only is it a good superhero film, but also a significant one as well. Representation is important, despite what some people might have to say. After watching so many movies about male superheroes, it was overwhelmingly powerful to see a woman on screen – someone like me – fighting and proving that women are just as strong and capable of bringing down the bad guys.

And honestly, there was no better way to drive this message home than through the no man’s land scene. This is a turning point in the movie, where Diana becomes Wonder Woman, and watching her make her way through a barrage of bullets, after being told ‘no’ so many times by men, is awe-inspiring. I honestly got emotional just watching that scene, seeing Diana being a fearless badass that does not take no for an answer from any man, has inspired me, and I hope will inspire many other girls watching, to be.

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Overall, the film is brilliant – in fact, the only low point of the movie for me was the final fight scene, which reminded me of the fight in Batman vs Superman, and which I felt could’ve been fleshed out more in the lead up, but this is a small gripe after seeing how good the majority of the film footage before it is, which is the perfect balance of funny and emotional and action-filled.

Gal Gadot is the perfect Wonder Woman, and portrays the innocence and naivety of Diana as a fish out of water, but in a way that never detracts from her fierceness as a warrior. Chris Pine is wonderful as Steve Trevor, and their chemistry and banter is wonderful to behold. Not only is WW amazing on its own, but it could also mark a turning point in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), which so far has been bitterly disappointing. I’m very excited to see more of Wonder Woman, and more solo female superhero films in the future.

You can watch the Comic-Con trailer for Wonder Woman below:

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