Free Comic Book Day 2015

Comic book movies are at its absolute peak right now. But the source material often gets overlooked. May 2 2015, geeks the world over showed appreciation to comic books by participating in the Free Comic Book Day. We at BTG Lifestyle were there, and the team weighed in on their experience:


I have to admit. I geeked out a little harder than I should have. Attending FCBD was a last minute thing and I never knew it existed before a few days ago. But I’m so glad I went. The cosplay was beautiful. If you don’t believe me…

Loads of geeks (our team included) showed up donning make up and costumes of their favourite comic book characters. It was pretty cool seeing Darth Vader and The Joker sifting through marked down comic books. The place was packed and the atmosphere was pretty awesome. Tons of comic books were available to purchase for super cheap (I bought a lot guys… I’m not even ashamed of it) and there were prize giveaways too.


Of course, we got a free comic book upon entry. There was something for everyone, even the most amateur comic book enthusiast. I cannot wait for next year’s event. T’m definitely going all out in terms of cosplay. It looks like the most fun. The geekiness is strong with me right now.

Dean Free Comic Book Day


Free Comic Book Day Cosplay
Trying to keep my cool, but fanboying SO hard

“I want to go back” is the only suitable way to describe my feeling towards Free Comic Book Day 2015! I had planned quite a busy weekend since it was a long weekend: Partying and watching the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight. But the highlight of my weekend was Free Comic Book Day in Cape Town! I got there expecting a freebie and some cool exhibitions. What I got was a portal to another universe. Even the organisers, Readers Den Comic Shop were surprised by the turnout:

Reader Den Free Comic Book Day

The best part about the event was the Cosplay, which was unbelievable to the point that I had to fight back tears of joy when I saw some of my favourite characters walking around.

Comic Book Loot Free Comic Book Day

I managed to get a few good bargains at the pop-up store too, and a batman toy at one of the exhibitions. Overall I was quite satisfied with my loot, especially the Fables book. When I spotted that, I’m pretty sure I made an involuntary yelping noise. I’m really looking forward to next year, hoping it’s going to be bigger and better!


This was my first ever experience of Free Comic Book Day. I know, I know. I’ve always loved comics, but I’ve never been as into the history and development of the characters as the last few months, so I guess I got stuck in that and forgot that comic events happen.

Good friends that they are, I got a call from Dean, and then Stephen pretending to be Dean, that morning to tell me that this is happening! AN HOUR before it started. Keywords my brain registered: free, comics, cosplay. I wanted IN! So I grabbed a few items and made an “everyday Harley Quinn” outfit. I’ve never used eyeshadow and fixing spray in my hair before that day. Thought it turned out okay given the very short notice.

OMG! What a turn out. I thought it would be busy; I didn’t think I’d struggle to find parking and see Darth Vader in the parking lot…parking his Toyota. I didn’t manage to get pics of all the awesome costumes (some of which were very confusing) because I was hustling trying to get a decent free comic book…and looking for DC merch. But these were a few of my favourites.

Elana Free Comic Book Day

There were a few Harley Quinns, but Kat Alice, lead singer of Something Crooked was my favourite.


I’m super excited for next year’s FCBD and will put more effort into my costume because I’ll have more time.

P.s. Why the hell wasn’t there a single Wonder Woman? Zee-ro! That was my only real disappointment. This was about the only Wonder Woman present…

A biggish figurine


Tendai at Free Comic Book Day Cape Town

Free Comic Book Day. What an awesome experience. My first time there, and the people who came did not disappoint. From the stalls, to the artwork, the creativity and originality, and not to forget the love of comics and games. I felt like a stranger in a world unknown, but within minutes I became a citizen; I walked around a lot and each time I found something new. From a stranger, to a citizen, I then became like a kid in a candy store: Anything I saw, I wanted. As a result, I had to buy two Captain America comics. I . Just. Had. To.

Tendai Free Comic Book Day

The highlight was definitely the cosplayers. Words cannot describe what I saw. I met Spiderman, Iron Man, Catwoman, characters from Final Fantasy and Death Note. The characters were brought to life and standing around me. Just under 100 cosplayers were present, and they all stole the day. One guy actually spent three years constructing and perfecting his character! I hope you enjoyed your Free Comic Book Day!

All in all, Free Comic Book Day was an epic event with loads of comic book geekdom (Yes I just made up that word; not sorry) to consume us mere mortals if only for a few hours. Here’s looking forward to next year’s edition!

Did you attend? Let us know what you thought of the event in the comments section below?

Suffering from a bad case of FOMO? The feels are strong. Tell us how you feel. We hope you join us next year!

In the meantime, check out this piece over at Geek Ink as well, with tons of awesome pictures from the event.

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