Comic Book Movie Overload

From now until 2020 there will be 30 comic book movies. Oh my! Check out the infographic at the bottom of this article for an illustration of the timeline for the release of comic book movies for the next 5 years.

Where does one begin? What should one watch? What movie does one look forward to? How does one prepare for the next installment in the sequel? Where? What? How? Why?

Why are there so many? Easy. They are blowing up the box office. Marvel released four pictures in 2014 and their worldwide gross can be seen below:

Top Grossing Superhero movies


Marvel-related movies grossed a total of USD$2 946 047 029 in 2014 (an average of $736 511 757 per movie). Though the movies were part of different studios, you can still put them under the “Comic Book Movie” umbrella. In theory, with there being 30 comic book movies scheduled between today and 2020, comic book movies will gross (736 511 757*30) USD$22 billion in 5 years.

(DISCLAIMER: many factors were not considered in that calculation. It was used just to prove a point)

With the industry struggling to produce high quality movies, this seems to be the best possible fix anyone could think of. Just pump out comic book movies and keep people going to the cinemas. Sign actors that have blossoming careers and tie them down to your franchise.

“They put him in a cape too?” – Riggan Thomas, Birdman

For the industry (actors, crewmen, directors) being associated with a comic book related movie can give you the extra boost over someone else when applying for a job. There is no fighting the effect comic book movies have right now. They will blow up the box office. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne will build another box office only for that to blow up too. There is no stopping comic book movies right now.

But with all this bombardment of comic book movies on movie goers, isn’t it an overload? Yes and no. There is no guarantee every movie goer will watch all 30 movies. 30 movies seems like a lot but it really isn’t. There are 14 movies that are sequels (for example Fantastic 4 and Justice League have 2 movies each out of the 30) or the continuation of a sequel (for example Captain America and Wolverine).

That leaves 16 uniquely new movies, over 16 new characters, and 16 stories that have not been told yet. That’s exciting! That is the draw card. And the introduction of 2 female superheroines (Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel), plus an African American superhero (Black Panther), not to forget a toy (Lego Batman), shows comic book movies are reaching for everyone. Everyone can find a character or a reason to go watch the movie.

Too many comic Book Movies

You shouldn’t feel like there are too many comic book movies coming out in the next 5 years. It seems like a lot but if you sit down and go through the list with a fine-tooth comb, you will find a lot more excitement than the feeling of being overwhelmed. Or you could find 30 comic book movies are underwhelming.

As Robin said (Young Justice, Seaon 1 Episode 1: Independence Day), “You [Kid Flash] are overwhelmed, he [Freeze] was underwhelmed-why isn’t anyone ever just whelmed?”

There are exciting times to come in the next 5 years. There will never be an era of movies like this.

Click on the infographic below to enlarge it (Source: Comics alliance).

Superhero movies until 2020

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