The Imitation Game Spoiler-free Review

The Imitation Game chronicles the struggle of British Mathemetician and pioneering Computer Scientist Alan Turing, in his quest to crack the German Engima code of World War II. There’s a bit more to it than that, but I’ll let you enjoy watching the story unfold on screen.

I’m going to come out (see what I did there?) and say this right at the start: I don’t think this film deserves 8 Oscar Nominations. Critics have been saying that the Turing of the universe of the film was not much like Turing in real life (or at least how he is portrayed in the book). Apparently he was far more charismatic, and a lot more open about his sexuality too.

I always think it’s a disservice to the subject of a biopic to portray them poorly. That being said, I still think that The imitation Game is one of the best films of 2014, and may go on to win quite a number of Oscars in the 2015 race. Why? Well the same reason the film has been getting so much attention, and the same reason that one of the most influential minds in modern computer science (and a war hero as well) is having his story told to a much braoder audience from around the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Benedict Cumberbatch. Here’s the thing, everthing that Ben touches turns to gold, and it’s not because he’s just some hot new fad or trend; he’s actually a pretty damn amazing actor. But for me, this is what carries The Imitation Game start to finish. The supporting cast is amazing too; it was great seeing Charles Dance in this villainous role (outside of his formidable Game of thrones character); he’s really good at it. Keira Knightley was eloquent and endearingly offbeat, but I doubt she’ll get the nod from The Academy, looking at how fierce the competition is.


In essence, the film is carried by one amazing performance, and a number of really great other performances. The story is solid in and of its own, but I can’t shake the criticism of book readers and historians, even though I haven’t read the biography myself.

Definitely take some time out to see the film as it tells a compelling story, or version thereof, of a really important man in history. You’ll enjoy the performances and perhaps some of the aesthetic elements of the film too.

Rating: 7.4/10

Favourite Part: Here’s the thing, I know the story and I loved the performances, but I don’t have a specific favourite part. That’s the rather frustrating thing about this film.


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