3 Epic Trailers From This Past Week

This week saw the release of a few new exciting trailers for upcoming films. We’ve picked out three that caught our eye.

Project Almanac

I’ve been a fan of time travel movies for as long as I can remember. I like everything from Back to the Future to Hot Tub Time Machine. What I love more is the found-footage genre which has picked up steam over the past decade, with Cloverfield and Project X making it an intriguing film technique.

This film is about a group of brilliant teenagers who uncover secret blueprints to create a time machine, and they build one. While it’s very cool at first, things begin to take a dark turn and spiral out of control.

I got the feeling from this trailer that it will be Butterfly Effect meets Chronicle type of deal and fans of time travel and/or found footage films should look forward to this one.

Pitch Perfect 2

I never thought I’d like the first one, with the obvious Glee overtones making it unappealing to me, personally. But I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised to find it’s actually a really funny popcorn flick.

The sequel seems to be a little bit bigger, with the Barden Bellas entering an international competition that seems to be the World Cup of a cappella. If the Germans manage to win this World Cup too I’d be very impressed.

Fans of the first film will be pleased to see that most of the original cast is back, including Anna Kendrick, Adam DeVine, Skylar Astin and Rebel Wilson. We also have the addition of Hailee Steinfeld and Elizabeth Banks is directing. The pitches are back.


There is never time fo dat
There is never time fo dat

I know, I know. Yet another Cinderella story. There was a forgettable movie in 2008 literally titled Another Cinderella Story and they just made another one. It seems like Disney churns out at least one every couple of years.

To be fair, this take on the classic fairytale is less high school drama and more big budget blockbuster. Thor director Kenneth Branagh has brought together a great cast which includes the awesome Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother, the brilliant Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother, up-and-coming Downton Abbey actress Lily James as Cinderella and a beardless Rob Stark (Richard Madden) as Prince Charming.

They had me at Helena Bonham Carter.

About the Author: Dean just had a crazy idea: imagine a time travel, found footage film about Cinderella who goes back in time to enter the very first a cappella competition. *Opens laptop, begins writing screenplay*

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