Top 10 Community Episodes

I’ve been a Human Being since 2009. Wait, that sounds weird. I wasn’t born in 2009. You know what I mean, right? Let me start again. I’ve been a fan of Community ever since it premiered in 2009. A clever and quirky show that was underappreciated and battled with ratings, yet managed to secure a cult following and was beloved by critics. Six Seasons and a Movie started as a throwaway joke but soon became a battle cry.

Here is my top 10 list of Community episodes:

10. Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design


Jeff is so dedicated to blowing off classes, that he makes up a class about Conspiracy Theories, taught by Professor Professorson. Yeah, I know. Only the Professor turns out to be, uhm… real? Yeah, I know! Also, Troy and Abed, true to form, make an elaborate blanket fort. it’s classic Community shenanigans at it’s absolute best.

9. Paradigms of Human Memory

Sometime sitcoms will have an episode where they mostly show clips from previous episodes. It seems lazy but it’s very normal: Friends has done it, Scrubs has done it, too. But Community is neither lazy, nor normal. This episode functions like a clip episode but features moments that we’ve never seen before. It also has one of the best Winger Speeches ever.


8. Comparative Religion

This is the episode that really bonded everyone as a group. The Season 1 Christmas episode showed how diverse this band of misfits really is. But nothing brings people together quite like a school fight, which is what happens when Jeff clashes with a wonderfully ridiculous bully played by Anthony Michael Hall.


7. Regional Holiday Music

When Community decided to poke fun at Glee they held nothing back. Turning their season 3 Christmas episode into a musical inspired by the Glee and uhm… Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Yes please. Also, what the hell are regionals?


6. Investigative Journalism

Hands down one of the best guest stars in the entire six seasons. Jack Black plays Buddy, a very relentless guy who wants to join the study group. This episode also happens to have one of the best cold opens and the way it leads into the opening credits is absolute genious.


5. Basic Lupine Urology

Community‘s take on Law and Order *dun dun* was so hilarious because it felt all too familiar: the writing, warddrobe, procedure, zingers and even the title of this episode. Lupine = Wolf. Urology = Dick.

Dick Wolf. Damn, I love this show.


4. Cooperative Calligraphy

Even though it’s a bottle episode where they deal with a missing pen, the concept of trust and it-could-really-be-anybody elevates this episode to something hilarious, and makes them stronger as a group because of it. So simple yet so effective.


3. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

A Dungeons and Dragons themed episode that features neither dungeons, nor dragons? Plus Ken Jeong is in black face? What?! Community‘s simple yet brilliant execution of the imaginative world of D+D, as a means of dealing with a very real issue of depression and suicide, is one of the funniest and sincerest episodes you’re ever going to see on television. Plus Chevy Chase is incredible in this episode.


2. Remedial Chaos Theory

Who would have thought that a simple roll of the dice could change everything. Six different timelines, including the darkest one (where Troy leaves, obviously). Clever writing and definitely will have Roxanne by The Police stuck in your head.

This episode was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series in 2012.


1. Modern Warfare

This is the episode that most people tell you to watch if you’re considering watching Community. And it’s clear to see why. Comedy, action, suspense, a little romance, and Chang at his best.


What did you think of my Top 10 list and which ones make yours? Let me know!

Community is now streaming on Netflix.

If you’re into Podcasts, Ken Jeong (Chang) and Joel McHale (Jeff) have a podcast appropriately called The Darkest Timeline. There’s another great one called Six Seasons and a Podcast. Have a listen and enjoy.

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