Oscars Predictions 2017: Best Score

People underestimate how much a score can actually complete a film. While the actors pour their hearts out, what really transplants us into their universe is the score that accompanies those scenes. It is really the emotional core of any film and composing the perfect score is a vital part of the process. Here are our picks for who will win Best Score at this year’s Oscars.





La la land

While I would love it to be the original classical meets hip hop score that Nicholas Britell created, I think the Academy will go with the traditional and pick the jazz theme from La La Land, which was enjoyable and well executed throughout the film. It is also a tune that sticks with you, and you can tell that it is embedded into the fabric of the film.




While the obvious answer might be La La Land, and my heart wants Moonlight to win everything, I’m going with Lion for this one. I watched it recently and I cannot tell you how many feels were released, especially in the very emotional climax of the film. And so much of that has to do with the score. Beautifully crafted with powerful violins and it really immerses you into those moments. It’s a dark horse that I really think could win it.



La la land

Obviously this award has to go to La La Land. It is a musical after all, and a really good one at that. The music is transcendent and reminiscent of classic musicals from yesteryear. Romantic and generally enjoyable; the music forms part of the movie as if it were natural to burst out in song in your daily life.


La la land

This one has got to be La La Land as well; if it’s going to win any of its categories it’s got to be the ones related to music, because … you know… musical.

Aside from that it’s actually a pretty great sound track and I currently have it on repeat, so yeah I’m rooting for it.



La la land

The movie is a musical. It’s kinda obvious!




This is so exciting – I love film scores! My favourite film scores of all time include Yo Yo Ma’s dreadfully emotional violin’s in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Thomas Newman’s (who’s being honoured with a nomination this year) brilliant score in Meet Joe Black, but this time round LION takes the cake. MY WORD! It’s just beautiful. The movie was a bit rough to watch with all the emotional baggage flying around but cue the violins and you got me. LION has one of the most beautifully composed scores I’ve heard in a long time – I LOVED IT – it transported me to where the characters were and made me feel what they were feeling – the high’s and the low’s, the dreary monotonal shrieks – EVERYTHING was just pretty awesome.

The final confrontational scene was gut wrenching and the music took you to that place, you were there. It kept my mind on it many days after seeing it. Brilliant – They deserve this
award for that great work.



What is your prediction for Best Score?

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