CALLING ALL FILM LOVERS IN CAPE TOWN! What’s up everyone? About 3 years ago I put the word out for people to join me in a project to create a segment for a global film project. The result was pretty awesome. This time we’re trying to bring people together for a new project that’s very unique to Cape Town, and will feature a compelling story and a great opportunity to do what you love: make films!

Here’s The Log Line:

“In a post-apocalyptic Cape Town, a group of people are being pursued by a viscous and relentless hunter. They must make their way to their safe haven at all costs.”

What Is This Project?

1. It’s a collaboration. We love film. We love talking film, living it, and MAKING films. Film is innately a collaborative medium, and that’s what we’re looking for: a collaboration. If you want to collaborate on an interesting project, then this is for you.

2. This film will be shot using phone cameras (yeah that seems to be what all the cool kids are doing these days).

3. This project is solely for the sake of artistic expression.

Who Should Get Involved?

1. Anyone who has access to various locations in and around Cape Town that we can make use of for the production – at the moment we’re looking for a cabin to use, as well a dry, open areas on private property.

2. Anyone who has a skill set related to film who wants to get involved (Actors, cinematographers/ DPs, script supervisor, production assistant, sound recordist, grip, medical officer etc.)

3. Anyone who may not have a film-related skill set but who just wants to help out (We will find something for you to do, we need as much help as we can get)

4. Anyone who wants to donate money to the project (I’ll update this once we set up a donation page and I will provide a full account of all spend and refund all unspent money)

5. Anyone who wants to donate other resources for the production like clothing or props.

6. Anyone who wants to donate refreshments for cast and crew

What This Project Isn’t

1. This project is not a job opportunity. We won’t be paying anyone a wage/ salary for their work on this film. We will try and compensate core cast and crew for minor resources like petrol, and we’ll hook up refreshments too.

2. This is art, and not a commercial production at this point, and we have no intention of distributing the film commercially right now.

How To Get In Touch?

1. Email us on [email protected]

2. Contact us via our Page on Facebook


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Note: We reserve the right to change any details and terms outlined here.



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