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We’re super busy and can’t always write things up from scratch but if you send a press release or interview that is already prepared, we can publish that and it makes life easier for us. We can’t guarantee we’ll publish everything, and fast turnaround can’t be guaranteed either (so stay away from deadline-specific content) – if we don’t publish in a few days, send us a follow-up email. Life is busy.

We also reserve the right to not publish anything that doesn’t align with our values. 

Not too long ago I tweeted out that everyone who was interested in getting some free press for their independent film (whether the project is in development or complete), should LIKE the tweet below:

Obviously a bunch of people liked it, re-tweeted it, and replied etc, but I found it a bit difficult to track everything, and not everyone who I reached out to after they liked the tweet responded to me afterwards.

So I figured a better way to do this would be to make a post so that there’s one place where everyone can get all the information about what they need to do to get free press on the BTG Lifestyle Movie Blog.

So, firstly I have to reiterate that you have to be proactive here; this press is free but show some initiative.

Here’s what you will need to do to get the free press for your indie film:

You can do any one or more of these things.

  • Send us an already prepared press release to publish.
  • Include a screenshot of your film, or a poster, and link to a trailer, interview or featurette.
  • If not, send us a screenshot from your film, a poster, art, or something and write-up of 200-500 words about your film for us to publish on the blog. Make it interesting for readers, and provide a call to action if you want them to watch your film, or support your campaign.
  • Send us a link to your crowdfunding campaign and short write-up that we can include in the post.
  • Provide links to other things you’ve worked on for reference.


If you’re not feeling creative (That’s ironic though) you can have your screenwriter, producer, director, cinematographer or anyone working on the film answer the following set of questions, and email it to us:

  1. Who are you? Tell us about yourself as a person – where you are from and what you do
  2. What is this project? Describe it, and what inspired it?
  3. What (or who) inspires you? Favourite directors, favourite movies etc.
  4. How would you describe your work as a filmmaker in general?
  5. What’s your next project?

Our contact details are as follows:


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