Hannibal Catchup

When Hannibal hit the small screen I was skeptical at best. Anthony Hopkins had done such an amazing job with the character that I thought topping it would be near impossible.

Two seasons later, and I’m hooked. This year, the latest season of Hannibal: Season 3, was pushed back for a US Summer opening, and will air early in June. To prepare us for this, they’ve produced this awesome 6.5 Minute catch-up to help you remember all the most important details from the past season.

So it goes to show that “near” was indeed the best word to use when referring to how impossible it would be to top the Hannibal films. I spoke more about this when I did a piece on unique narrative styles in TV, so if you’re keen on exploring the totally of my opinion, check it out here >>> 3 Unique Narrative Styles in Popular TV Series

Are you looking forward to the latest season of NBC’s Hannibal? Bonus: Click here to check out some awesome new posters for Hannibal Season 3.

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