Independence Day Resurgence Trailer

Just like Randy Orton, the first trailer for Independence Day Resurgence appeared out of nowhere! The quality of the trailer took everyone by surprise, including many critics. Have a look below and decide for yourself…

Let’s take a moment to understand that this sequel is about 20 years in the making, and almost didn’t happen. Will Smith does not return to reprise his role as Captain Steven Hiller, which is unfortunate as his character is one of the most epic things about the film; his upbeat nature providing a bit of a break from the apocalyptic shit going on everywhere. Instead, it seems like Liam Hemsworth takes the lead this time.

The new trailer for the sequel sees the return of the aliens, set to the presidents speech form the original film, with images from the new CGI-heavy sequel.

The IMDB synopsis for Independence Day Resurgence reads as follows:

“Decades after original ID4 alien attack, Earth is threatened with a new extra-terrestrial threat, but will the planet’s installed space defenses be enough?”

What did you think of the new trailer? Are you looking forward to this film?


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