Star Wars Retold (By Someone Who Hasn’t Seen It)

I just re-watched all 6 films in the Star Wars saga recently, and I’ve been planning to do some reviews. I’m not making any promises yet, but keep an eye out here and they may just turn up.

Before I re-watched all the films (it’s been ages since I saw the prequel trilogy) I was out and about on the internet looking for a solid video that summarised them instead. I couldn’t find a decent video, so I ended up watching the movies, which I didn’t mind at all because they are amazing.

At the same time I got a friend of mine to start watching Star Wars as we’re going to see the latest film, Episode 7 together next month. It took some convincing at first, but she finally gave in and checked out the films, and now she’s a super fan (even though she won’t admit it!). When we first spoke about Star Wars, I found her idea of the story hilarious; and then I found this video on YouTube called Star Wars Retold, where a guy got his friend to explain the plot details of the original Star Wars trilogy – and I can totally relate to this.

She does an amazing job of making up a bunch of crazy facts that are almost-right to such an extent that they may have worked in an alternate universe. Enjoy!

This is an absolutely hilarious and wonderful retelling of the film which has received well over 2-millions views on YouTube already. But it would not be the video it is without the animation to go with it.

I love these kinds of things because it shows how non-fans can easily become fans or at the very least share in the wonder and enjoyment of the amazing story that is Star Wars. Often fanboys like to run and hide THEIR Star Wars from everyone else, sneering at people who don’t know all the detailed facts and lore about the universe, but I found that if you’re willing to share something that’s an important part of your life (whether that be a film, a book or any form of literature or art) you can have a really great experience and connect with more people in more interesting ways than you could ever imagine.

So if you’re a fanboy (or girl) maybe ease up on your family and friends who are not as into it as you; you never know- one day they may just become a fan themselves; or maybe they’ll be the star of a video that gets shared by and makes millions of people all over the world laugh for a bit.

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. If so, please share this post.

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