Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Trailer

Earlier today the first trailer dropped for part 2 of The Maze Runner, entitled The Scorch Trials. It looks awesome! I gave part one of this saga a 7.3 rating, so yeah I kind of dig it and I’m looking forward to this one.

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Anyway check out the trailer for part 2 below:

First Littlefinger is sending poor Stark girls into Winterhell, and now he’s a mad government scientist dude performing crazy social experiments on kids. This guy needs to take a damn seat.

I keed. Aidan Gillen is not the only Game of Thrones cast member in this film, with Thomas Brodie-Sangster reprising his role as Newt, and Nathalie Emmanuel joining the cast of part 2.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you looking forward to part 2, or are you disillusioned by all this damn dystopian youth fantasies going around?

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