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#DrunksLikeUs Review

Over here I’m usually so busy following what’s happening on the commercial movie scene, that I probably don’t spend enough time talking about indie film. It’s pretty damn shameful, and I’m working towards changing that. So here’s a start. I just watched a film called #DrunksLikeUs.

I enjoyed it! It’s one of the least pretentious films I have ever watched. #DrunksLikeUs doesn’t make itself out to be more than it is: a bunch of friends on a drunken mission to rescue a friend (Well, Marks “friend”) who’s gone missing. I could literally be having half of these conversations with my buddies on any given weekend (but let’s hope I’m not).

Drunks like us

Paul Mackie has done a stunning job with the script, creating nuanced characters that are uniquely human in a simple world filled with complications derived by highly creative social interactions. Don’t even get me started on the dialogue. The fucking dialogue!

It’s not very often where you encounter a film that has this much dialogue, where it all flows smoothly. Respect to the actors for the way they deliver the conversational tone of the film; I was especially impressed with Luke Griffin who plays the highly opinionated, sometimes obnoxious Alex. This writing style creates a story that has a nice balance of comedy delivered through dialogue, as well as situational humour. The script, for me, is one of the most impressive elements of the film.

In terms of the overall story, #DrunksLikeUs seems to be more about the journey than the conclusion. It’s just a fun story that always leaves you thinking “What the hell are they going to do next?“, which makes you kind of sad when the credits roll. I could totally get behind a series with these characters.

Even considering all this awesomeness, what’s most impressive about this indie film is that it was made with a tweet. A simple tweet. Paul Mackie was trying to get his film made, and running low on options, he tweeted the script. So many people loved the project, got involved, and eventually helped bring these hilarious characters and story to life. If that isn’t just amazing dedication to bringing your story to life, no matter what, then I don’t know what is. Aside from being entertaining, it’s also inspired me as an aspiring filmmaker myself.

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Check out the trailer for #DrunksLikeUs below:

Rating: 7/10

Funniest moment: Alex finds out via a voice message that his drinking buddies were talking shit about him behind his back. He goes on the most amazing f-bomb rant I’ve ever heard!

Notable stylistic devices: Maybe I’m imagining it, but I think SOMEONE is a Tarantino fan. I noticed quite a number of trunk shots (which I dubbed “Drunk shots”, because puns). And let’s not forget that picture of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield on the wall (among other things).

Drunk Shot
The Trunk (Drunk) shot.

Support Paul Mackie’s latest project on IndieGogo, All Above Board – A Horror Comedy.

Follow Paul on Twitter @paulmac708.

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