Insurgent (Divergent Series) Trailer


Today we get our first taste of part 2 in the Divergent Series: Insurgent. In this installment, Tris faces old and new enemies, while fighting her own demons. Here’s the trailer:

What I love about the trailer is that they make Shailene Woodley look really epic, and badass.

She’s now a far cry from the timid girl in the first film. It really surprises me how these dystopian films of youthful rebellion are doing so well globally, in book and movie form.

Consider this series, The Maze Runner, and The Hunger Games. It’s almost as if these are metaphors for real life. Anyway, I’m keen on part two, because I was quite fond of the first movie. It was well-structure and not over-the-top. I think this one will be over-the-top, but it’s to be expected, and will possibly take the franchise to new heights. Let’s wait and see.


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