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Interstellar Spoiler-free Review


Interstellar is a Christopher Nolan movie. You know this, not because it’s got his name in the credits but because it has a very distinctive Christopher Nolan-y feel to it.

You know the feeling… it’s the ‘how the hell is this so good‘ feeling; it’s the ‘why do I suddenly feel so dumb‘ feeling and it’s most certainly the ‘where the heck did he dream this up‘ feeling. And then of course there’s Michael Caine. ‘Cos Lord knows we can’t have a Christopher Nolan film without him.

I liked this film for several reasons:

1. It’s a ‘let’s save the future’ film

That being said, it’s not too preachy about saving the environment and conserving resources. Although the subtle undercurrent is there it’s not overt and isn’t even really part of the point anyway.

The world’s population just simply needs saving because there isn’t enough resources to sustain it.

2. It’s got all of that good science-y jargon

I love listening to all of this, even though it makes no sense to me. But as with Inception’s convoluted plot, it’s explained in a way that makes me think I know what’s going on. Worm holes and tesseracts and relativity and blackholes have never seemed so simple and so useful.

And while I am sure there are plenty of science misfires in those explanations, I don’t really care. But I do know that time ‎and space isn’t linear, it’s just easier for our human brains to experience it that way.

3. The cinematography is beautiful

Whether it is a sand storm or inside a black hole or even just an ordinary scene in a little girl’s bedroom, the framing of the film, the imagery and look is stunning; stark and overwhelming at times.

The space scenes are expansive making me believe that seeing this film in an IMAX theatre would be amazing to say the least.

It’s worth seeing at the big screen

4. The acting

Matthew McConaughey has acting chops for days and carries off this role of a father wanting to save the world and his family all the while being all kinds of brilliant and brave.

He anchors the film, brilliantly allowing everyone else to feed off it. Mackenzie Foy is absolutely brilliant as the young daughter. She brings real heart to the movie and acts the pants off anyone with whom she shares a screen.

5. It has a deep message

Underneath all the fanfare, there’s some really deep questions: “Can we truly be selfless?”, “Should we even try?“. As human beings, we are more interested in self preservation and the preservation of our own personal attachments that it clouds a bigger picture.

We don’t care about each other on a global scale and maybe we should. But ultimately those personal attachments are what drive us and maybe that’s not a bad thing after all.

6. The robots

I want to own one of those robots! TARS and CASE are possibly two of the best characters in the movie despite being metal boxes with computer screens for ‘faces’.

They deliver some well-timed comedic moments and are pretty useful to have in a tight situation. If you’re paying attention you will catch the robot’s 2001: A Space Odyssey reference.

I could go on an on about why this film is already a favourite of mine despite that feeling of “what the f#@k?” that I experienced towards the closing stages of the film. No doubt there are faults to find. Some plot holes and more than a few things that simply don’t make sense. But I think when watching a Nolan film, that’s part of the experience. He challenges us to not only think, but also to suspend our disbelief and just be entertained.

This is not a film to be missed and not one that can be watched anywhere but on the big screen.
And watch out for the many, many times the word ‘gravity‘ is used. Every time it was mentioned it made me think of another little space movie I saw not too long ago. And every time I heard the word I couldn’t help thinking that I enjoyed this one a whole lot more.

Here’s the latest trailer for Interstellar: 

About the Author: Tiffany Masters is a teacher of English, and an aspiring novelist. Lover of life, love and everything else. Avid reader and movie goer; fantasy fanatic and music freak. Follow Tiffany on Twitter @tiffanyanne2706


Tiffany Masters

Tiffany Masters is a teacher of English, and an aspiring novelist. Lover of life, love and everything else. Avid reader and movie goer; fantasy fanatic and music freak.