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The Strain First Look (No Spoilers)


On Sunday, while most people had their eyes fixed on the FIFA World Cup Final, I was waiting patiently for the premiere of The Strain, FX’s latest show.

This one didn’t disappoint. It’s got the right amount of action, suspense, drama and shock. If you love horror and science fiction, you’ll love this.

I enjoyed how candid the premiere was about the supernatural aspects in this universe –there’s no covering it up for one grand finale. You’re literally thrust into the action early on, and you know for a fact that some crazy abnormalities are present here.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the acting all the way through; but a good story, decent effects and interesting characters (nonetheless) make up for that flaw.

You can find my preview here for more details leading up to the show: The Strain Preview

The most notable performance (in my very humble opinion) came from David Bradley. But hey, he made a great Argus Filch and an elegantly distasteful Walder Frey.

The IMDb rating for The Strain is steady at 8.6, with an increase of 0.6 since I checked yesterday, so it’s definitely grabbing attention in a good way. The show is not for everyone, but I’d say keep an eye on it if you’re into the genre.

Once you’ve watched the season premiere of The Strain, come back here and let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments below — but please keep it spoiler-free as this is a no-spoiler review.


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