5 Trailers from the past week


It’s that time of the year where the big budget blockbuster’s have mostly all been released, and now releases are (mostly) drama’s and comedies. Here’s 5 new trailers that came out this week.


When you hear that Steve Carell and Channing Tatum are in this movie, you expect an action comedy. Nope. this film is a drama, and one that impressed audiences quite a lot at Cannes this year.  Many are keeping an eye on it for the Oscar run, and critics agree that both Tatum and Carell (especially) deliver some amazing performances. This is one I’m really looking forward to.

St. Vincent

Bill. F**cking. Murray! In a comedy! Like when last, am I right? Although this seems like a very common story, I’m glad Murray’s co-star is Melissa McCarthy who’s pretty damn good with comedy. Also, look out for Chris O’Dowd and Naomi Watts. This one looks like it may underwhelm at the box office, but will always be remembered as a cool Bill Murray film.

Jimi: All is by my side

The biopic for guitar man Jimi hendrix that we’ve all been waiting for. This one’s getting a lot of skeptical looks as it stars Andre Benjamin (3000), but looking at the trailer, it looks it’s pretty decent. I just hope they do the actual musical performances (assuming there are any) justice. All we can do is wait and see I guess.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

I’m glad to see Jessica Chastain in something that’s not politically driven (and funded). I’ve never really been a big fan of James McAvoy, but the dude can act. Also , the cool thing is that there are 3 versions of this film: one is told from his perspective, one from her’s and one from their perspective. This should make for some awesome film watching and subsequent discussion. This is a romance story, so if you’re not into that, stay away (unless someone is forcing you to watch, in which case *sigh*).

War Story

Starring Catherine Keener in a foreign country, and Ben Kingsley doing some kind of deposition, this one looks pretty hard-hitting. For some reason the way I picture this story being told, and the depiction of violence made me think of Munich. I just hope they represent foreign aspects of the film (including people) accurately.

Let me know what you think of the list, and which films you’re looking forward to this year.

About the Author: Stephen is co-founder of BTG Lifestyle, avid film critic and aspiring screenwriter.


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