Top Ten Opening Title Sequences


Now that we’re in the age of binge-watching series, we tend to fastforward through the opening title sequences, because as a wise lady on the internet once said

But back when we watched series on a weekly basis, we used to love those opening title sequences. They were awesome and catchy and it meant for the next 30 or 60 minutes we would be able to watch our quality television shows. It sets the tone. It gets us amped. Here is our top 10.

In no particular order:


Oh yeah…


Breakfast of champions

Game of Thrones

Breaking Bad

Mad Men

Big Bang Theory

Freaks and Geeks

The Sopranos

My morning routine is just a little different

New Girl


So unsettling it’s beautiful

We had loads more in mind but top 10 is “cleaner” than top 27. Any series you feel needs to be mentioned? Drop a comment below.

About the author: Dean is a co-founder of BTG Lifestyle and avid TV watcher. Even the opening credit sequences. But sometimes those six lovable New Yorkers frolicking in that fountain will become less and less enjoyable after each episode and “I’ll be there for you” will become as annoying as *insert Justin Bieber song here*

Dean Ravell

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