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You should party, here’s why


You know that grumpy dude from work? The cynic who seems like he just needs to get laid? Well he probably does need to get laid. More than that, what he really needs is to party.

Now as we get older it gets a bit tougher to have fun and do party-oriented activities.

We have that thing that takes up 80% of almost every day of our lives: work (or maybe college). Then there’s family quality time and maybe you have that special someone… or 2.

There’s also an expectation that we should “grow up” and partake in recreational activities more suited to our disposition as adults. Like dinner parties, golf and hiking.

I think I just puked in my mouth a little bit.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you that if you don’t go out some time, meet a few strangers, get intoxicated on some (legal) substance- or even just some awesome music- and just lose your shit from time to time, your life isn’t going to be worth living after a while.

Sound dramatic? Well it is.

Every person who has any regrets will tell you intuitively that people only ever regret the things they never did.

Living isn’t about choosing which end of the many spectrums- that make up this crazy journey called life- you should be on.

Good or Bad. Right or Wrong. Black or White. Shy or Outgoing.

Screw that.

Good and Bad. Right and Wrong. Black and White. Shy and Outgoing [yes that’s possible- I am].

My Twitter account reads “A film-loving digital marketer who likes to party as hard as he works.” And that’s what I proudly do.

One thing I don’t encourage is to party because the rest of your life sucks. So many people do this, when they should be changing the parts of their lives they aren’t happy with, instead of creating distractions.

So no, I’m not saying work yourself dead and then count down the minutes to happy hour. I’m not saying stay in a soul-sucking relationship and then hook up with a stranger at a club on the weekend. I’m not saying sacrifice your fun as a result of values that your peers or environment force on you- and then shoot up in an alley somewhere.


Those are issues that need to be addressed directly, because you may have a serious problem. You’re disrespecting the art of partying when you use it as a mere distraction.

You’re working hard, you’re building relationships, but you only have one life.

Are you enjoying it?

Now, what I do want you to do is grab a designated driver, go to the club and grind with some stranger- you won’t regret it in the morning.

Thank me later.

About the author: Stephen is a hard-working, professional dude who can also party like a beast and stuff.


Editor-in-Chief at BTG Lifestyle. For cinema.


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