Pendulum, Immersion: 3 Reasons I love this album

Marketer, filmmaker and life enthusiast inspired by music. Here’s some that makes me tick.

I love to create. I don’t always showcase my creations, but recently I’ve decided that I need to share more– it’s part of the reason I write, and part of why I write the way I do.

I could use elaborate language, make obscure films and claim it my right as artist’s jurisdiction. But alas, I’m here to share, not merely create.

What helps me create? Drum & Bass. Yup, it’s one of my favourite music genres of all time. It sits at the top of the list next to Jazz, Blues and alternative Rock. Quite the variety… Well yeah, and why not?

My perception of creativity is that the more you diversify your intake of literature, music and human interaction, the greater your database of ideas becomes.

“…eargasm- inducing awesome.”

One of my favourite albums of all time is from Pendulum, a well-known Australian/ British Drum & Bass group based in Perth, Australia.  This album is entitled Immersion.

So what makes this album so amazing? Well, it’s time for me to get a bit subjective on the matter- as if most of this article isn’t subjective. Anyway, here’s 3 reasons I absolutely love this album.

I can Loop it

Duh! You can do that with any album! What I mean is it’s one of the few albums where I can listen to the entire set of songs, without skipping one or placing only a select few songs into my playlist, leaving the others to gather cobwebs over time. This tends to happen a lot: Many artists have a few gems that carry the rest of the album, however with Immersion I can confidently say that each song is a nugget of eargasm- inducing awesome.

“Music…is an integral part of life.”

Diverse and Smooth

The album has the paradox of containing a diverse range of sounds, while at the same time hosting a uniquely consistent feel- it’s tough to explain, but so is this feeling. For example, the group excluded the song Ransom from Immersion, stating that it was not consistent with the rest of the album. I personally feel it would have made a great addition, but Immersion is still flawless without it.

Chameleon Music

The last and main reason I truly love Immersion is that I can do almost anything while listening to it. I can read, write, walk, gym, travel, dance and chill with these tracks in the background. Guess what I was listening to while writing this?

Music to me is an integral part of life, and having an album that can be the soundtrack to (almost) anything I do, well that’s just awesome.

What album/s inspire(s) you to create? Feel free to post links to your favourite songs, albums and playlists in the comments below.

About the authorStephen is co-founder of BTG Lifestyle, and an aspiring filmmaker who loves to lose his mind to Drum & Bass music.


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