New Trailer for How To Break A World Record has Dropped

In How To Break A World Record, Stephen Oliver, his brother, and their crew attempt to break a 5 year old world record for ‘longest marathon playing mandolin.’ The task is comically daunting
—he needs to play a mandolin continuously for over 27 hours—and as the trailer portrays, an unexpected rival emerges along the way.

The documentary film dives deeply into the process and challenges of the pursuit, as well as the storied background of the band (Brother Oliver—psychedelic folk rock from Greenville, South Carolina). The reality-style approach to the film creates an inviting and transparent look into the lives of a group that has the unique propensity for creating their own headlines and adventures.

The film is directed by Andrew P. Oliver and Dan Johnson and is expected to release in fall of 2023. Watch the trailer here


A band in Greenville, SC sets out to break a world record for the longest marathon playing mandolin. They discover it’s far more challenging than they had ever imagined, and there’s suddenly a lot riding on their ability to succeed.

Check out the team involved!

Stephen Oliver
Andrew P. Oliver (left), Dan Johnson (right)-min

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