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First off: Nope this is not my short film. I’m working on my own thing right now, and that gave me the chance to work with some amazing people. One of those people is Nicola Duddy, who’s currently raising funds for her short film, Embedded. I’m here to ask you to support this project because I think she does amazing work and has unbelievable passion for her craft.

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Wanna know more before you fund? Sure…

Places often hold onto memories longer than we allow ourselves to. These moments become embedded in the space – Impossible to ignore, difficult to escape. Casey is about to come face to face with such a memory… One that she tried to bury a very long time ago.

I have no doubt that South Africa has a huge amount of talent for the arts, but a lot of the time people aren’t stepping up to drive projects forward, so it really inspires me as an artist when I see other artists doing just that.

The cool thing about the campaign is that there are perks available when you help fund the project, including access to the short film for a limited period online on the lowest tier, all the way up to Executive Producer status, depending on how much you invest in the film.

Embedded a short film - independent film - South African film - Nicola Duddy

The campaign is so close to being funded, and yes every bit counts! The budget will be used to pay the cast and crew, rent gear and submit Embedded to as many festivals as possible. Day 1 of the 3-day shoot is coming up really soon too, and perks for those funding the campaign are expected to be available by October 2018.

I know how difficult it can be to get people, resources and time to tell stories that you’re passionate about, so crowdfunding is a way to defray the cost of bringing these kinds of stories to life.

It’s an important part of independent film culture and something that we as consumers of content need to embrace openly as we navigate our way through the noise of the information age in 2018. I sometimes get sad thinking about all the stories that aren’t being told because of a lack of time and resources.

Embedded a short film by Nicola Duddy

Good storytellers deserve the opportunity to tell their stories, and I think this story deserves to be told. So make sure you bookmark this page and send some funds their way on pay day.

Now that you know more…

Click here to support Embedded today

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