Is Disney Bleeding Star Wars Dry?

Boom! I hear of a trailer for the latest Star Wars movie. Scratching my head in disbelief, I reluctantly find the trailer on YouTube and a minute or so later, I’m a big kid with the biggest of grins on my face.

It’s hard to describe the excitement that followed after that. My desire to find out just what had happened and how I’d let such a vital piece of information pass under my nose made it known that Disney, the mouse house in all its creepy glory has purchased the Star Wars universe with a click of its heels.

The Slate

The year is 2012, Disney acquires Lucasfilms. Disney starts imitating a very generous Oprah in the form of You, You and You will all be getting a Star Wars film as soon as humanly possible.

It’s now 2018, and we’re two movies into a trilogy, 1 anthology film done and dusted with an origin movie of the original classic on its way this year too! With the new trilogy in its closing phases, another trilogy already seemingly greenlit with another Star Wars movie being written by the guys who gave us Game of Thrones (Dragons in Space, guys, Dragons in space!)

The Legacy

Is the house of Mouse in the process of slaughtering the space cash cow?

One could argue that you could never get tired of Star Wars. It provides us with so much entertainment and visual stimuli that we simply can’t get enough. Star wars was created to feed the biggest nerds imagination of defeating the big bad; to be the hero, to have powers.

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It ticked all the boxes of what we wanted to be. It’s the same even in this age and day. All the kids who watched the original trilogy have grown up with Monsieur Hamilton, and cried like a little bitch [spoilers*] at his passing in this last entry.

Chewie and R2D2 are actual household names. People might recognize the iconic growl of chewie quicker than the hideous looking face of the most famous Olympian in history. Sorry Phelps.

Star Wars fed our imagination. It gave us a storyboard of images with great characters, the best coming of age story ever and a gigantic universe for us to fill in ourselves.

The Insatiable Disney

With Disney currently being the most generous producer of Star Wars in the known galaxy, are they making the franchise another James Bond? Not to say there’s anything wrong with good ol’ James but the fact is that they have to keep reinventing him to stay relevant.

Not only that, Disney purchased all of LucasFilm’s intellectual property and if they wanted to, they could reboot the entire franchise but make Darth Vader a female and Luke an Alien with green eyes and with 2 large horns sticking out of his elbows.

How many more space battles and force powers are we going to witness before we realise it’s all been done before?

My point is this. Once Star Wars ended and George Lucas said no more, we could rest easy in our sadness that there’d be nobody to touch our beloved Han; nobody to ruin his epic one liners and nobody to re-imagine Luke as a green creature from the lagoon.

We were safe in the knowledge that there wouldn’t be a president of a studio trying to pump a Star Wars movie after Star Wars movie out just for the checks and balances in the ledger book, and in the process, killing off our love and excitement at the mere mention of Darth Vader’s name.

I for one am not looking forward to the origin story of JarJar Binks.

Do you guys think we’ll ever get completely sick of Star Wars, or that eventually the quality of the franchise will drop so much because of how Disney is scaling it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, or give us a shout on the socials!

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