Oscars Predictions 2018: Best Song

The mark of a truly great song is one that sticks in your mind even hours after you hear it. One that becomes synonymous with the film itself and has us singing or humming along like complete idiots because it is just so compelling. These are our predictions for the winner of Best Song Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards.




Remember Me – Coco

Oh I cannot hear this song without shedding a tear – such an emotional and poignant song. And while I am a fan of all the nominees this year, this one just has a special place in my heart.


Mystery of Love – Call Me By Your Name

The only reason I think this will win is due to the fact that it won’t win anything else.


Remember Me – Coco

This song brought all the feels. A wonderfully authentic story mixed with humour and sentiment and the fact that it was animation added to the magic. This song complimented the whole movie so well and was just the icing on the cake. This is definitely the winner for me.


This Is Me – The Greatest Showman

This category being tough to call makes ‘This is Me’ stand out even more. The only obvious choice would have to be The Greatest Showman tune. It hits all the feels and makes the good feelings keep on coming.


Mystery of Love – Call Me By Your Name

Mystery of Love is my personal favourite out of the five nominations, to the point where I listen to it on repeat, so I can’t think objectively about this one or entertain anything else winning.


This Is Me – The Greatest Showman

While I’m not particular to musicals (besides Grease, that movie is my shit!) I quite liked the music and songs in the Greatest Showman. I hope this one wins!


Mighty River – Mudbound

Shoot! As far as I’m concerned, this could be anyone. Let’s see here….Ouma Nuk sit en kak in die middle van die straat, Ouma Nick sit en kyk of me droll te gryp….Mighty River, Mudbound.


Stand Up For Something – Marshall

100% because of Andra Day’s vocals. (PS. Childish Gambino’s Redbone should have been nominated and should have one. Best song of 2017)


Remember Me – Coco

I really liked this movie.


Mystery of Love – Call Me By Your Name

Once again I find myself objectively voting for a song from a movie I didn’t like. Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens is going to take the cake here. Coco’s ‘Remember Me’ is the close contender in my mind because it brings all of the feels, but if there’s one thing every critic has said about Call Me By Your Name (whether they liked it or not), it’s that the music from the film is amazing.


This Is Me – The Greatest Showman

Again, just guessing. Haven’t watched the film :/ BUT it’s a musical, shouldn’t that count? Also, the song just gives you all the feels!


Remember Me – Coco

Not only is the movie great but the songs in the movie were what made the movie outstanding. And the journey the movie takes you find yourself singing along or, at the very least, humming to it. Really does feel like the Disney movies of the 90s.


Mighty River – Mudbound

Because its Mary J. Blige and she deserves it!!!


What is your prediction for Best Score? Let us know in the comments below.

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