Oscars Predictions 2018: Best Adapted Screenplay

Adapting a story to fit a script is never easy. You have to condense, restructure, often add scenes for dramatic or comedic effect and sometimes you have to remove scenes because movies can’t be 15 hours long and maybe they won’t miss it.

But most importantly, you have to remain faithful to the source material. Our panel of predictors each picked their  winner in this category for Best Adapted Screenplay, and here they are:




Call Me By Your Name

The love story of Elio and Oliver was adapted so well for the screen, that the beautiful script seemed to alleviate some of the kinks in the original story and create a work of art.


The Disaster Artist

Didn’t see this one, but I feel this will win because it missed out on all the other major categories.



Call Me By Your Name

This was a tough one for me. Neustadter and Weber are two of my favourite screenwriters so I would have loved them to win for The Disaster Artist. A comic book like Old Man Logan being adapted into a screenplay and winning an Oscar would be a beautiful thing. My all time favourite screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is nominated for Molly’s Game (and he was my first choice for this) – but again I went with my head. Call Me By Your Name will take this. Because, reasons.



I’ll scream it from the high heavens, I’ll scream it from the depths of Mariana trench. In an age where comic book adaptations are seemingly everywhere, you could hardly be blamed for lapping them all in the same comic book variety column. Logan, however destroys that column, shreds it to pieces. It’s not a comic book movie. It deserves more than the number 4 spot on the best movies of 2017 list. There are no tights and happy endings. It gives us and the characters closure and entertainment we haven’t gotten from ANY other superhero genre film. Adapted from the critically acclaimed old man Logan comic book and the new female wolverine X-23, Scott Frank, James Mangold & Michael Green made what could’ve been a very sloppy conclusion to the first 2 entry’s into one that will stand the test of comic book time.

This deserves to win. If it doesn’t then fuck the Oscars, Bub.


Call Me By Your Name

Even though I loved Molly’s Game; my choice here is purely based on hype and popularity, as I haven’t read the book to make a proper comparison. Call me by your name is all I hear about recently so I’m going with this one instead of with my heart.


The Disaster Artist

While I don’t find the film particularly fascinating, critics and audiences do apparently. While Franco got snubbed in the Best Actor category, I think that if this film were to win in any other category, it would be this one.


Molly’s Game

I’m going to throw my lot in with Molly’s Game. No reason really. I’d like it to be Logan, but I feel it’s going to this Jessica Chastain number.



Simply because I never thought that this could ever be adapted for screen, and yet, it was adapted for screen in the most beautiful way. Yes, even the blood and gore had a beauty about it.



Because this film deserved more nominations…


Call Me By Your Name

While most people think that Logan is going to come out on top for this category, I think the script for “Call Me by Your Name” by James Ivory is going to land the award. I don’t see it cleaning up in the other categories, so while I wasn’t a fan I think The Academy will throw it this bone (Man, I’m gonna roll my eyes so hard if it wins all four of the awards it’s nominated for).


Call Me By Your Name

Haven’t seen this film but it seems like a typical WINNER in this category. Bleh!


Call Me By Your Name

This movie is one of those whereby you get onto an emotional trip and you ride with the story and the characters. Not set in our time but you can feel like you are there making it well depicted on the big screen.


Call Me By Your Name

This was the only material I read before watching the film of all the adapted screenplay nominees.
Firstly I never thought this would be made into a film, because of the subject matter, (more homo-erotic than BBM).

But seeing it on screen as a gentle; both love story and coming of age drama – I was very impressed.
Handled with such care – no doubt it’s my first choice!


What is your prediction for Best Adapted Screenplay? Let us know in the comments below.

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