Oscars Predictions 2018: Best Original Screenplay

This past year we saw an interesting batch of original content and the nominees for this Academy Award attests to this. This is our fourth year doing these predictions and we’ve tapped into our list of collaborators, expanding our list of predictions for Best Original Screenplay. Let’s hear what the crew have to say:



Lady Bird

Although I would love the answer to be Get Out, I have a sneaky suspicion that the tale of the teenage girl from Sacramento might take the award, for Gerwig’s authentic storyline, and excellent script.


Get Out

This is #oscarssowhite at play. Although I do feel that he would be a deserving winner. Saw this one and was amazed by all the little notes of dread and weirdness throughout the movie.


Get Out

Of course I want Get Out to win everything but this year I’m putting my faith in this category above the others because it’s more realistic. Initially I chose The Big Sick for this category but I’m choosing with my head and not my heart this year. I’d be ecstatic if Kumail and Emily win this because the script for The Big Sick is beautiful, but Get Out was a game changer, tackles racial tension in a very uniquely Jordan Peele way and is their best chance for a statue.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

I would be lying If I said this isn’t a hard one to call. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri is an immensely thought provoking movie with great performances from Sam Rockwell, Francis Mcdormand and the man himself Woody Harrelson. This one is a guarantee shoe in for the win.


Get Out

I think the Oscars would be remiss if they didn’t give this award to Get Out. Creative, refreshing and nothing like anyone’s seen before. Jordan Peele deserves all the awards.


Get Out

I will be nominating Get Out for most of the awards it was nominated for, not just because it was a great film and I feel it needs recognition but because there is a strong Black movement in Hollywood right now and I have a feeling in my nuts that this film will win multiple awards at this year’s Oscars solely based on that. Also, I think it shocked everyone with how good a film it actually was. To give Peele more credit though, I do feel the story was quite original and engaging. Here’s hoping he snatches a statue for it!


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

I believe that this film will win based on the strong track record of its writer/director – a man who has honed his craft in theatre and already given us great off-beat projects like In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths. These great films have served as stepping stones to this nomination. Backed by a solid cast, this one is sure to clench the gold.


Get Out

In a time when we are bombarded with reboots, re-makes, sequels and adaptations of comic book superheroes, I have constantly been saying to whoever would listen, “I’m tired of this shit. Give me a Donnie Darko, give me a Pulp Fiction, give me a Forrest Gump. Basically, give me something original that I haven’t even thought of before”. Turns out that Jordan Peele had been listening and brought the “original” back to “Original Screenplay”. A film that takes the struggles of being in an interracial relationship, subtle racism and white privilege and turn it into a full-blown horror movie? Of course it should win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.


The Shape of Water

Because fisherman sex…


Get Out

Every category Get Out shares with The Shape of Water, it will lose to that film, but this may be the category that it wins. Jordan Peele may not walk away with the top prize this year (Best Picture), but I think he’s poised to score this one. Get Out gets the nod from me!


Get Out

If you don’t know why this film should WIN, you clearly haven’t experienced it. Fingers crossed for Jordan Peele making history as first black writer to WIN in this category!


Get Out

Looking around at the other nominations, the most successful movie of 2017 had nothing going for it and somehow became an instant hit with the world. Addressing the issues of racism in America and social injustice, I think Get Out is the most original project of the year.


Lady Bird

I like the wittiness of the script. It’s clever with very little fuss and it reminds me so much of Juno, which won in this category in 2008.


What is your prediction for Best Original Screenplay? Let us know in the comments below

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