6 Blockbuster Movies That Will Probably Disappoint Us In 2018

Many writers, critics and overall movie goers are looking forward to that little list of movies they have written, talked and mentioned with regards to the most anticipated movies of 2018.

However let’s fast forward, the year is 2019 and Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther and Red Sparrow have collectively left us reeling and needing to catch our breath.

But what would the movies that left us yawning, staring at the screen in bemusement or scratching our heads be? Not quite as bad as Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic but letting us down like every Gerard Butler movie since 300?

This is my prediction for the top 6 movies of 2018 that hyped us up but will ultimately let us down:

6. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

How will it let us down?

I’m sorry, does anyone not remember the X-men Origins starring our beloved, recently deceased claw boy?

You could argue that they learned their lesson with Logan but you cant help but shake the feeling that Dark Phoenix seems to be a re-hash of the same formula.

With numerous villains and heroes to choose and explore picking Jean Grey seems like the cop out.

5.  Tomb Raider

How will it let us down?

Starring that incredibly talented actress in that seemingly unbelievably overly played trope of ‘my dad wants me to save the world against an evil organisation’ bit with a plot twist in there somewhere.

The fact that they needed to reboot the title is questionable. Movies based on video games haven’t fared well in recent times and Tomb Raider doesn’t give the impression it will rise to the occasion.

4.  Pacific Rim Uprising

How will it let us down?

As much charisma the young John Boyega has, he is no Idris Elba. There’s also no Charlie Hunnam creating that magical chemistry with the scene stealing jaeger battling Rinko Kikuchi.

Also with an untested director in Stephen S. Deknight in his directorial debut filling in for the Pan sized feet of Guillermo del Toro, you can’t help but feel that this film has bitten off more than it can chew.

3. Deadpool 2

How will it let us down?

Okay now before you dismiss this as total boogery bloomper horse foofoo. Deadpool is a perfect movie. It surprised everybody by being something that didn’t come before.

It was new and exciting, made you see unicorns and shit.  The problem with sequels is the fact that they have to be less of the first movie but they have to provide the same feelings and be different enough to stand above the first movie. Even Wade Wilson would agree with me, it’s madness.

The standard set by Deadpool is remarkably high and as much as I want to see Deadpool I don’t want to see the same story. You know what is expected.

2. Solo: A Star Wars Story

How will it let us down?

No Star Wars movie has had as much backroom shaking up as this one. Rumours at one stage was flying around that an acting coach was brought in to teach the solo would-be how to act.

Replacing original directors with Ron Howard, Lucasfilm in essence tipped their hand in notifying the public that there was significant issues already brewing.

Like Justice League, these reshoots could be the tie fighter that blows up the republic rebels.

We just recently got the synopsis for the film:

1. Aquaman

How will it let us down?

With the taint of the before mentioned Justice League still as fresh as ever. James Wan is responsible for steering an already battered ¾ sunk DC ship to safety. Jason Momoa is tasked in bringing major significance to the relatively unexplored character of Arthur Curry.

Supported by a stellar cast in Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe and the legendary Dolph Lundgren Jason is made to make a very plain and a very unspectacular coming of age story (See any Marvel Movie) interesting and captivating.

This does seem like it might be a little too much for Momoa. So far Momoa has played variations of the same character since his Stargate: Atlantis days.

The pretty to look at strong loner boy/man who doesn’t say much but can crush your head with a flick of his fingers and Arthur Curry is so much more than that.While Jason Momoa’s Aquaman alongside Amber Heard’s Mera sounds like a royal flush for the curiosity of every movie junkie.

Warner Brothers however have had the spectacular ability to meddle when they shouldn’t and made a dream ensemble in JL seem mediocre. You could probably feel the tension all the way from Hollywood to the depths of the ocean over the release of Aquaman.

Patty Jenkins did right by Wonder Woman by keeping her away from the WB execs. You cannot shake the feeling however that James Wan wasn’t as lucky.

ICYMI: Here’s our spoiler-free review for Justice League:

Let us know what you think of this list? Do you agree? Are you cautiously optimistic? Drop a comment below.

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