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Support Indie Film – Mara: The Seal Wife

Foreword by Stephen Nagel, EIC BTG Lifestyle

A few weeks back I put our the call for Independent filmmakers to get in touch with us for some free coverage on live or in-development projects. A big part of the original BTG mission was for us to help support independent film, as we ourselves continue our mission to break into the industry.

The #SupportIndieFilm hashtag is so popular on Twitter and it’s really inspiring to see a community of global filmmakers come together to support one another. So here we are joining that movement.  The first (in what I hope will be many) features is from filmmaker Uisdean Murray. Check out more details about his project below, and don’t forget to visit the project’s Indiegogo campaign page and contribute if you’re able to.

Mara: The Seal Wife is the first film from the Mara project, a story inspired by Selkie legends and a passion project for writer / director Uisdean Murray who has an ongoing fascination with the world of folklore and the study of its history.

“I have an ongoing fascination with the world of folklore and love studying its history. Nearly fifteen years ago I started writing a mystery based on a strong image I had from a dream and this led me to researching the world of the seal-folk and eventually writing a feature script. Realising that the feature script would require major funding I decided to write the back story for a couple of secondary characters from the script and this has led to a compelling self contained story on its own. It is our ambition to use our short film to pursue the project further, be it a feature film or tv series.”

Our crowd funding campaign is for the first film from the Mara project and tells the compelling and tragic romance of Magnus and Sine. If you can, please pitch in and show your support for this awesome project by donating here:


You can see some pictures from Mara: The Seal Wife below:

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