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15 Surprises from the Gilmore Girls Revival

With four episodes of Gilmore Girls and so many characters to catch up with, we had to talk about some of the surprises from the revival. Here are 15 surprises from The Gilmore Girls Revival.

1. Michel is married

Even though it was never explored throughout the original series, it was assumed that Michel was gay and just very picky. Also he lived in a small town so it must have been very difficult to meet someone. We now know that Michel is married and his husband would like for them to adopt a baby! Michel is more concerned about his suit.

2. Kirk owns a piglet

Also in the market for a baby, the town as a whole decides to get Kirk and Lulu a piglet instead. This seems to keep the desire for a baby at bay. The piglet’s name is Petal and she’s adorable. Kirk has also made his second film, which I would definitely watch in real life.

Gilmore Girls

3. Rose Abdoo playing Berta

Rose Abdoo (who usually plays Gypsy in the series), picks up two cheques in the revival as she’s also playing Berta, the curly haired housekeeper at the Gilmore home. Lauren Graham (Lorelai) stated on her twitter that they hadn’t cast the part yet and Rose read the part of Berta at the table read. They found her so funny they gave her the part. I’m no director, but I think it was definitely a brilliant idea.

4. Emily keeps the same housekeeper

In the same vein, Berta is the only housekeeper in the history of Gilmore Girls that’s survived an entire year. Emily has no idea what Berta’s saying or what language she’s actually speaking, but she embraces Berta and all of her family members.

5. What the hell is that letter??

That therapy session will haunt me forever, I have not be able to sleep at night. Tossing and turning over what can only be an error? I don’t remember the letter and neither does Lorelai. She wouldn’t write a mean and scathing letter to her mother and give it to her on her birthday. Their relationship is icy, no doubt, but definitely not that cruel.


6. Luke and Lorelai barely discussed having more children

When the revival starts in Winter; Luke and Lorelai’s relationship hasn’t progressed much. They’re not married, living in the same house and seem to not have discussed having any children. They visit a surrogacy agency run by Paris Gellar, but ultimately decide against it. Luke says he has April -who is currently attending MIT- and that Rory feels like part his.

7. Mr Kim is around

The elusive Mr Kim makes an appearance in the Spring episode, just long enough for a wave. Lane mentions her ‘parents’ in the original series but I had completely forgotten that Mr Kim even exists. They never discuss his occupation and he’s clearly away from home most of the time. I can therefore only conclude that Mr Kim must be some sort of spy or high ranking CIA agent.

8. Paris and Doyle are getting a divorce

So this one sucks. Paris and Doyle’s relationship has provided us with many laughs in the original series and it’s sad to see them breaking up. Paris has always been extremely intense and career-focussed, and has always looked up to Doyle as he was originally the editor of the Yale Daily News. He now wants to focus on screenwriting and this seems wholly unacceptable to Paris. The terms used however were ‘getting a divorce’ and ‘in the middle of a divorce’, so I can only hope they’ll reconcile before formal papers are signed.


9. Headmaster of Chilton provides some advice

Headmaster Charleston, who once asked Paris and Rory whether they were fighting over a boy, was one of my least favourite characters. Paris clearly didn’t care for him either. I was therefore annoyed when his first question to Rory was whether she’s married yet. But pleasantly surprised that his response to her ‘no’ was ‘good, be picky’. Good advice headmaster.

10. Everyone’s implying that Taylor is gay

During a town meeting Taylor is discussing the lack of gay people in Stars Hollow and how this is a hinderance to the town having a gay pride parade. Someone then asks Taylor whether he’s sure he doesn’t know anyone else who could possibly take part, and everyone leans in and seems to be waiting for Taylor to come out of the closet. He doesn’t, but the implication seems to be a confirmation. I always thought he had a thing with Ms Patty though.

11. Journalism isn’t working out for Rory

Nothing disappointed me more in this revival than Rory Gilmore herself. She is a privileged Yale graduate who doesn’t really do much. Yes she writes a book at the end of the revival, but for someone who’s hero is Christiane Amanpour, she doesn’t really put herself out there. She admits to her father in the Fall episode that her journalism dream isn’t going to happen. This could be because she falls asleep while conducting interviews. So allow me to rephrase: Rory isn’t working out for journalism. I’m sure journalists everywhere watch her and cringe.

12. Emily sells the Gilmore house

We see the hasn’t-aged-a-day Emily Gilmore during her mourning process after the passing of her husband Richard, and she is as poised and gracious as Hillary during her concession speech. That is, until she runs out of f’s to give and literally calls bullshit on her DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) society. She ultimately sells the enormous Gilmore home and moves to Nantucket, where she gives talks at the whaling museum.

13. Ms Celine is still alive

When we met Ms Celine during the series she was at an indeterminable age, talking of people so old or already dead, that it was difficult not to think of her as an immortal. Vampire perhaps? Ms Celine is still alive and still name dropping in the revival.


14. Dean moved out of Stars Hollow

Dean was the perfect sweet simple small town first boyfriend. Rory tells him this during his only appearance in Fall, and the interaction is great closure for #TeamDean fans. Dean is living his plain life with three kids and a pregnant wife. Not surprised. At all. He has moved out of Stars Hollow though. Also, I don’t usually like to objectify anyone, but Jared Padalecki, God damn.

15. The pregnancy

The most shocking of all shocks is obviously the ending. The announcement of this pregnancy blew my mind and surprises linked to this include Rory’s friends with benefits relationship with Logan, his engagement to someone else, and the assumption that he’s Rory’s baby daddy.

What did you think of The Gilmore Girls Revival? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to check out this review of The Gilmore Girls Revival: A Year in the Life – with spoilers – also written by BTG Lifestyle’s newest contributor Jeslyn Coetzee.


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