Captain America Civil War Trailer

Guys! With all the hype around the Warcraft Trailer, and Star Wars just around the corner, I almost forgot that Captain America Civil War is coming out next year! I got a glorious reminder this morning that the film is on its way in may 2016, as the first trailer dropped today. Enjoy…

For those of you who haven’t read the comics, now you know where they were going with the Winter Soldier and Cap being childhood friends. It’s at the center of the film as Cap tries to save him while Iron Man tries to bring him to justice. As a result the Avengers essentially get split and a civil war breaks out. Get it?

We also see a few new faces, including the completely masked face of Black Panther who is one of the most anticipated characters in the Marvel Universe.

I started reading Civil War a few months ago, but stopped along the way. I think this trailer has just inspired me to get back to it! If you enjoyed this trailer as much as I did, please share this post.


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