Short Film Weekend: Red Herring

Last year I entered a short film competition called the Colchester 60 Hour Film Challenge. My team was way less prepared than the film I’ve featuring here today, so I won’t be sharing my own entry with you. The film for today’s Short Film Weekend won second place in the competition overall, and watching it you can tell why…


Red Herring¬†is amazingly shot, and tells a really heart-wrenching¬†story about domestic abuse. I remember being in complete awe the first time I saw it, and without being too biased (because this is a South African film), I think it should have taken first place, as the film that won didn’t compare to this at all!

After the festival I never heard much about this short, which was disappointing. Crave Pictures is the production company behind this beautiful short film.

About the Author: Stephen is a film critic, and aspiring filmmaker currently working on his first film project, #BreatheEasy2016. Follow him on Twitter @thesnagel for more film musings.


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