Game of Thrones Actors Support Red Nose Day

In the wake of the worst episode of Game of Thrones to date, many fans have been a bit edgy. Many people are completely outraged by what happened, while others hang on to the hope that maybe there was a reason.

So here’s good news. Forget that the last episode happened and replace it with this instead. This is now Season 5, Episode 6 of Game of Thrones where all the characters perform a musical with Coldplay!

I had a great few chuckles watching this, and especially liked the standoff between Iwan Rheon and Alfie Allen, and the endless list of references to the show. Emilia Clarke also does a pretty badass reggae voice if you ask me.

If you enjoyed this, click here to donate to Red Nose Day (US), a campaign aimed at helping children and young people living in poverty.

Note: Red Nose Day occurs on different days of the year, depending on where you are around the globe, so please Google that for more info on getting involved locally.

About the Author: Stephen now officially has the most insane love/hate relationship with Game of Thrones. Seriously, he’s on the verge of changing his Facebook relationship status to “It’s complicated”. Thank goodness Twitter doesn’t allow that – speaking of, follow Stephen on Twitter @thesnagel. He’ll stop talking in the third person now.


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