The Oscars Rundown – Predictions & Preview

If you’ve been following our blog for the past couple of weeks you would have noticed a key focus on the Academy Awards. We have been analysing the top films and giving our predicted winners of some of the major awards. This post will tie a nice little bow around our Oscars Rundown by recapping and giving final thoughts on the grand event scheduled to take place tonight.

Over the last two weeks, BTG Lifestyle has been looking forward to the Academy Awards and gave a few educated guesses as to who would win some of the major awards. We looked at those who put pen to paper and created the stories and characters. Of course we looked at the stars of the show who brought the characters to life. We marveled at the aesthetics and took a shot at predicting who would win big for their outstanding direction and the film who topped all other films to receive the coveted best picture award. 

Have a look at the posts below, share your thoughts with us and have your say before the curtain raises tonight and the Academy tells us how right or wrong we are. We hope you enjoyed the rundown to the Oscars as much as we did.

See you on the red carpet.

Dean, Nagel, Tendai. 

The Oscars Rundown – Best Director/Picture

The Oscars Rundown – Visual Effects Awards

The Oscars Rundown – Acting Awards

The Oscars Rundown – Screenplay Awards

If, for some absurd reason, you haven’t seen any of the Best Picture Nominated films yet, check out our comprehensive reviews below so you can get your head in the right place for Oscars Night.

Selma (2014) Spoiler-free Review

Boyhood Spoiler-Free Review

The Grand Budapest Hotel Spoiler-free Review

Birdman (2014) Spoiler-free Review

The Imitation Game Spoiler-free Review

Whiplash (2014) Spoiler-free Review

The Theory of Everything (2014) Review

American Sniper Review

About the authors: Dean, Tendai and Stephen will see you on the red carpet tonight, moments before they are forcibly removed by security. You can follow Dean on Twitter @deeno15 and Nagel on @thesnagel while you can catch the latest from Tendai @1_platinum

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