Star Wars: Episode VII, The Force Awakens Trailer Review

by Fotoula Fatouros

First things first, here’s the latest trailer for Star Wars Episode VII, which was just released on Friday:

I remember my first Star Wars experience, being a very little six year old girl, completely engrossed in this far away galaxy and all its splendour. Star Wars for me, was more than just a franchise, it was an escape, one that I still turn to today.

The concept of the force is one that truly resonates with me, and I find that there are many lessons we would learn from the great Jedi Master Yoda.  Yes the premise lies in what I think is one of the greatest love stories ever told, but the narrative sends you on a thrilling journey, filled with all things out of this world with characters you can’t help but love and hate.

My personal favourite, a very underrated droid, R2D2, whom I feel has some very heroic qualities (but I may be biased, as in my eyes R2D2 plays a pivotal role in the development of the narrative).  Star wars is by no means perfect in terms of its cinematic continuity, but it offers a world of hope, courage and perseverance which is not a bad lesson for anyone to learn,

Plus it has really cool light sabers and space ships- I mean who doesn’t enjoy that?

But now to the actual trailer and for 88 seconds of footage, there is a lot to discuss.

It opens with a classic location of what I imagine to be Tatooine, an arid land, that has not been a happy setting in earlier episodes.

I was disappointed that older and more familiar characters where not present. It would have been nice to bring some familiarity to what I feel is a bit of a confusing sneak peak. The overall feeling I felt was one of distress, everyone appears to be running, anxious or in the presence of storm troopers – which I have to question, as why are they still around when their leader is deceased? It is evident that there is once again struggle between the dark force and the light, however the dark force appears to have a fresh element of malicious energy.

The Induction of the new droid. Yes he is endearing and resembles a similar R2D2. I would have preferred to have seen my favourite droid, and not this new spinning ball mass of metal.


Now on to the debate of the tri- sabour. I must say, I am not a fan. It makes no logistical sense. Saying this I know that this is a fictitious implement, but at least make it as functional as possible.  I understand the premise behind it, but I don’t feel it was executed well. It does however offer a new look at the new development of this dark force, I just hope it has an on and off button for those sides, they would be great for roasting some marshmallows.

My favourite image was the Millennium  falcon in full flight once again,  and this image captured the old Star Wars I love and appreciate . I was disappointed that we don’t see the friendly faces we were expecting to see,  and I felt that  It possessed  a vast array of questions that will have to be left unanswered.  It introduces new developments and characters, but has left me questioning the implications of such new developments in such a longstanding narrative, I suppose only time will tell.

About the Author: Fotoula is a 23 year old Durbanite who currently inhabits the City of Cape Town. She loves milo, the colour turquoise, and happens to like Star Wars a lot, perhaps  a bit too much but such is life. May the force be with you all.

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